Spring 2014  Pt. 2


It's a Conspiracy!
A conspiracy of jammed up computer systems, tornadoes, sickness, two elementary school students and their attendant homework, and a host of other things that have kept me away the past two weeks. So, let's catch up with a few Silvertone highlights to close out April.

First off, some famous Silvertonium by way of Jimi Hendrix. We've all seen the well-known snapshots of Jimi and his Dano 'Betty Jean,' and he played (and promptly blew the speaker of) a borrowed Silvertone 1474 amp during his time with the King Kasuals in the early '60s, but I just came across this information on the guitar that Jimi learned on and first performed on stage with. Pretty cool!

Check out the story of this guitar here.

Beck has a new album out, and he recently taped an Austin City Limits episode that will be aired this fall. Looks like he's pushing maximum Silvertonium here in these shots by ACL photographer Scott Newton. Link to the story of the episode taping (with more terrific photos) here.



KFC and... Silvertone?!?!? Yup. Let me explain. This is a scene from "Blast-Off Girls," a 1967 rocksploitation movie that featured a cameo from the one and only Colonel Harlan Sanders. The shady manager of Chicago area band "The Faded Blue" (re-christened "The Big Blast" for the flick) talked the ol' Colonel into providing a cheap meal for his boys if they'd play a little music. The Colonel is seen here dancing a little jig after setting out a bucket of "finger-lickin' good" chicken for the band while they're drawing a crowd to this mid-60s Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. That's a Dano-built Silvertone 1484 amp just behind the drummer and guitar player. Astounding!

Would You Like It Rare? You Bet! The Kay-built 619 series had many variants, and this is one of the rarest. Triangle fret markers, a curve-topped headstock, 'bell' truss rod cover... quite a departure from the staid 619 archtop design that sold so many guitars in the early-mid '60s. These arrived late in the game, and even had their model number stamped inside (if you're familiar with my peeve against Kay numbers, you'll understand why I think it's a big deal)! On top of all that, the condition of this example is absolutely beautiful. Sadly, this also demonstrates something I've learned over the years in Silvertone World... "mad rare doesn't always equal mad money."

619 Kay FHAC w/ C E $ <$449 Clean, minimal wear, logo strong, NS strap button mounted sideways into heel

Here's a little more 'normal' 619...

619 Kay FHAC w/ C G $ $103 Clean, some edge/surface wear, pickguard missing, NS bridge, NS strap button at heel with former mounting hole below that, neck lifting a bit, high action

A rare blonde 1350...

1350 Harmony HBEG w/ OC VG <$850 Clean, some edge/surface wear esp. around treble f-hole, logo laminate in good shape

A funky MIJ flattop...

1217 MIJ FTAC VG $190 Clean, light wear, prismatic 'Space Dot' looks good

Holding down the bottom line...

1443 Dano SBEG bass VG $655 Clean, some edge/surface wear, some buckle rash,  logo intact, bridge cover missing

A true Frankentone...

1477 Harmony SBEG MOD $299 Clean, some wear and paint spatters, logo strong, NS Teisco pickups, also NS knobs, tailpiece, bridge and tuners, sad truss rod cover


Yeah, I had one when I was a lucky teenager in the late '70s. It was a 1965 coupe, fire engine red with a 289 V8 engine onboard. That machine would definitely get up and go! I'm sure you've seen plenty this week in the media about the 50th anniversary of the classic car, so I'll not rehash the details of its history and special place amongst American sports cars; there are gearheads out there far more conversant than I to take care of informing you. All this news of what was my very first car did make me kinda wistful for, if nothing else, the sheer simplicity of that vehicle. Look at that dash: speed, engine temp, fuel, odometer (and not Trip1, Trip2, DTE, etc etc... just miles and tenths), lights and some sliders for the heat (no AC in my Pony)... not an LED or digital readout in sight. And dig that stylin' push-button radio, from a time when you could still get some decent jams on the AM band. Of course, being a teenager, I added extra tune-age; a ludicrous FM converter at first, then later a bulky slide-in Pioneer SuperTuner with cassette. I serenaded my dates (with varying degrees of success) with carefully crafted Dolby-ized mixtape cassettes, and enjoyed many road trips with a big box of vinyl dubs by my side. Alas, that pretty brushed chrome (and apparently tempting and obviously easily removable) audio hardware eventually got stolen, and I decided to go it alone with the radio. My best memory of that chrome-knobbed companion is long nights delivering Domino's Pizzas to the area surrounding the Norfolk Naval Base, relying on that AM radio to keep me entertained. Lucky for me, a station in the area had recently gone retro, playing some really good '60s and early '70s tunes, much 'deeper' than what you hear on 'classic rock' stations these days. The Mustang eventually got sold, replaced by a Ford Escort, and many more vehicles since then have come and gone in my driveways. But, of course, I'd still love to be able to slide into that leather bucket driver's seat, shift that Cruise-O-Matic into 'D', hit the road, roll down the windows and crank up some Neil Young or Beatles or Marvin Gaye or T-Rex or Elvis or Traffic or Kinks or Cream or Hendrix or Eddie Cochran... maybe even deliver a pizza or two.

Alright, on to the Silvertonium!

1484 Dano tube amp and speaker cabinet VG $800 Clean, edge/corner wear, 1/4" jack mod to cab, rev/trem functional, no footswitch, NS Sovtek power tubes, speaker stamping indicates Fall 1966 build

Would you like some Harmo-metal with that?

1384 Harmony HBEG w/ C VG <$1750 Clean, light wear, some finish checking, pickguard cracked at rhythm pickup screw

1245 Kay FHAC w/ C VG $233 Clean, light wear, logo strong, bolt-on neck, zero fret, 'bell' truss rod cover, frets recently leveled/polished

1423 Harmony SSEG w/ OC VG $485 Clean, light wear, fingerboard/fret wear, logo intact but bent at 'S,' replacement pickguard or all labeling worn off,  seller says it might need a fret job

1448 Dano SSEG with tube ampincase VG $600 Clean, light wear, logo strong, some grille staining

1448 Dano SSEG with tube ampincase VG $375 Clean, light wear, logo strong, speaker stamping indicates 1966 build

1444 Dano SSEG Bass MOD $398 Poorly refinished, logo missing, strap buttons missing, pickup has chrome rub-off

1331 Dano tube amp $285 Needs a cleaning, light wear, handle looks good, logo emblem shiny, faux alligator looks good, no speaker, tubes light up, otherwise untested

Rare amp; sad condition

1396 Dano tube amp $153 Needs a thorough cleaning, re-upholstered, handle broken, logo emblem missing, most of the tubes and (1) speaker missing, untested


Odds and Mods... at first glance, I wanted to peg this one as an 'Espanada' model, but the extra real estate at the cutaway IDs it as a 1446 'Chris Isaak,' albeit without its trademark Gibson-sourced mini-humbuckers set in those cool pentagonal bezels. It does seem to have inherited an 'Espanada'-style pickguard, hamhandedly trimmed to fit the replacement pickups. I stuck a little pic of the 1384/85/1427 down there to give you some comparison.

1446 Harmony HBEG MOD $660 Clean, wear/flaking, logo intact, NS pickups, replacement modded pickguard

Speaking of...

1385 Harmony HBEG VG $1136 Clean, light wear, some finish checking, playing wear to neck, logo intact, pickguard missing, toggle switch tip missing

1461 MIJ HBEG VG $221 Clean, light wear, 'Space Dot' looks good, chrome shiny, small piece of binding chipped at cutaway, related to the 1460

1446 Harmony HBEG body/neck $203 Clean, logo strong, hardware/electronics gone, stress cracks at jack hole, seller says "It was in good playing condition before I took it apart."

Jack White has a new album coming out soon, and he'll also be cobbling together the fastest-released record ever this coming Saturday for Record Store Day. Wonder if he's gotten his 1485 out of mothballs lately?

1485 Dano tube amp and speaker cabinet VG $1200 Clean, light wear, some rust to jack nuts, original dolly/caster incl., footswitch incl., rev/trem function unmentioned, seller says "This unit was used in the 1960's and early 70's and has been in storage since then... wear marks on the outside of the speaker cabinet, all the tubes work but I do not have an instrument to check it for sound. I am the original owner, purchased in 1962."

1422 Sears tube amplifier VG $200 Clean, light wear, NS tubes, NS Fender speaker, 3-prong AC mod, top cabinet panel repaired/re-covered, rev/trem functional

Surprised this 'Cowboy' 612 went for way less than a Benjamin...

612 Harmony FTAC VG $76 Clean, wear/scratches to back, stencil and logo strong

Yet another bargain...

604 Harmony FTAC VG $56 Clean, some edge wear, logo strong, stamped S-67

1449 Dano SSEG with tube ampincase VG $500 Clean, some edge wear, logo strong, speaker stamping indicates early 1964 build, 'skate key' tuners indicate this as one of the last 1449s out the door

605 Harmony FTAC w/ OC F $63 Clean, finish wear/flaking, 'deco' logo strong, serial #1323H605

1448 Dano tube ampincase VG $160 Clean, light wear, early triangle-legend knob insert

1448 Dano SSEG MOD $150 Neck refinished, sidewalls removed, re-bridged, re-pickup'd, re-knobbed, re-tuner'd, re-pickguarded, re-nutted

1449 Dano tube ampincase $76 Clean, light wear, some corner wear, rust to case hardware, functionality unknown; seller says "amp does turn on, but makes noise while moving knobs, AC cord not good"

1420 Sears tube amp F $97 Clean, light wear, grille loose with a small tear, some paint spatters to covering, knobs missing, back missing, AC cord spliced, pots date to late '69, pencil markings show a 1970 date, seller says "loud hum... no signal, speaker blown, tubes test strong"

Dear Sellers: Please take more complete pictures of your items than this. You'll make more money, I promise.

600 series Harmony FTAC VG <$66 Clean, light wear, logo strong


Wow! What a Weekend! Kickin' off today's report with this beautiful 1484.

1484 Dano tube amp and speaker cabinet E $1600 Clean, minimal wear, schematic/manual incl., rev/trem functional, no footswitch, speaker/cab stamping indicates Summer 1966 build

From a stone-stock amp to a gizmo-modded Frankentone... Check out this Kay-built Silvertone 619, with some interesting pickups and a top curve-matching control box! There was also a stack of lyrics typed on now-yellowed paper in the case. The auction didn't specify any titles, but the top song on the stack was Paul Revere & the Raiders' "Kicks" from 1966!

619 Kay FHAC w/ C MOD <$400 Clean, light wear, logo strong but second 'e' worn, NS electronics added

Well, this is... um.. well, different... When you get a short, sweet description like "Vintage SILVERTONE Electric 6 String Guitar with Microphonic Pickup" with the additional info of "Watch is in running order. Has never been serviced, only one owner" for the auction, you know it's probably best to just accept the odd 'mud puddle mottled marble' refinish job and roll on...

1423 Harmony SSEG w/ OC MOD $354 Refinished, pickguard legends strong, pickups shiny, selector knob missing, logo intact

Now for a 1482 amp Double Play!

1482 Dano tube amp VG $550 Clean, scuff control face, some residue on knobs, footswitch incl., cabinet stamping indicates Summer 1964 build, recently serviced, stock speaker replaced with a Jensen C12R, 3-prong AC mod, tremolo functional

1482 Dano tube amp VG $435 Clean, light wear, tremolo functional, no footswitch

1301 Dano SSEG w/ C VG $830 Clean, some edge/surface wear, logo strong, playing wear to neck, NS aluminum cavity cover, internal stamping indicates Fall 1958 build

 660 Kay FTAC Classical w/ OC VG $35 Needs a good dusting, light wear, neck slightly bowed

Oh, almost forgot... check out out this unidentified military man strumming what looks to be a Harmony-built Silvertone model 700, or maybe an early 710. Unidentified base, possibly in the Philippines.


Well, It Wasn't A Silvertone... but I'll take it! Annie Clark (St. Vincent) performed "Lithium" last night with the remaining members of Nirvana (including, of course, Silvertonian Dave Grohl and sideman Buck Owens 'American' player Pat Smear) at their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction performance, with her Harmony H17!

'Near Mint' is not a term I get to apply much to Silvertone auctions that I report on here; it just doesn't happen that much. Well, it happened today. So, go ahead and drool over this beautiful 1966 Silvertone 1454!

1454 Harmony HBEG w/ OC NM $2000 Near mint... pretty much says it all. Original care guide and a few 'how to' Mel Bay books included for good measure. Pickups stamped Nov. 1966.



1442 Dano SBEG Bass w/ OC MOD $225 Clean, refinished, playing wear on back bass edge, logo missing, NS nut

633 Harmony FTAC G $260 Clean, light wear, logo strong, finish checking, neck heel lifting slightly, high action

1449 Dano SSEG with tube ampincase VG $683 Clean, light wear, logo strong

1457 Dano SSEG with tube ampincase VG $521 Clean, light wear, volume knob missing, other knobs show light adhesive seep, volume pot scratchy, amp work but tremolo functiona unmentioned, no footswitch

1444 Dano SSEG Bass VG $999 Needs a cleaning, some edge/surface wear, logo intact but chrome is worn

694 Harmony FHAC w/ C G $173 Clean, some surface/edge wear, some checking/flaking, binding yellowed, pickguard missing, top refinished, 'deco' logo faded, nice grain on back, NS bridge, seller pegged this as a 1945-era axe, but the 694 was available mid '50s

674 Kay FHAC w/ C G $172 Clean, edge surface wear, checking/flaking, refretted, NS tuners, logo laminate stained/yellowed, pickguard yellowed, neck wear, side cracked/repaired all the way around, three holes cut for NS electronics (now empty), seller pegged this as a 1947-era axe, but the block-markered 674 was available mid '50s

615 Harmony FTAC VG <$230 Clean, light wear, logo strong, pickguard chipped


The Second Rarest Silvertone Amp is today's first up; it's the very unusual green and beige radius-cornered 1343, the end-of-the-line version of the 1342. Offered only in the Spring/Summer 1954 catalog, and depicted as a trapezoidal shape with a very different speaker opening. If Dano ever made one just like the one in the catalog, I've never seen it.

1343 Dano tube amp G <$900 Clean, covering wear, no logo, handle worn, control face worn, grille looks good, amp functional, tremolo unmentioned

Oh, right... the *rarest* Silvertone amp? Well, I've never ever seen one of these. Identical to the Dano-branded 'Commando' and the Montgomery Ward GDR-8518A / 55 JDR 8437. I have a theory that if you ordered a 1337 from Sears, you actually received a Commando, possibly with a Silvertone brand/number plate bolted over the Dano brand area, much like the Monkey Wards amp depicted below. If anyone out there has a Silvertone-branded version of this amp, I'd certainly love to see it.

This next amp up is more common, but one in this condition certainly isn't... looks like it just came out of the box.
Oh, wait... it did!

1482 Dano tube amp E $500 Clean, minimal wear (not sure what that white stuff is on that one bottom corner; it wasn't mentioned), shiny everything, tremolo functional, no footswitch, orig. box incl.


A Tale of Two Basses... well, it's a short story... one was beautiful, the other... not as much.

1444 Dano SSEG Bass w/ OC E $895 Clean, minimal wear, logo bent at 'S,' shiny chrome & finish, neck stamp indicates Spring 1965 build

1444 Dano SSEG Bass w/ OC G $450 Clean, edge wear, surface 'swirl' wear, pickguard border worn, logo bent at 'S,' limited photos

1474 Dano tube amp VG $725 Clean, light wear, covering tear just above trem controls, rev/trem functional, speaker stamping indicates Spring 1962 build

1457 Dano SSEG with tube ampincase E $640 Clean, minimal wear, logo strong, footswitch, orig. cord incl., looks like some water staining to covering to one side of ampcase, case needs (1) new latch

Hot off the heels of that fine 1457, I though you might like to se this recent Dano-branded reissue... went for $243. Note the dull chrome finish to the lipstick pickups, the compensated bridge, and the single knob controls.


Quite a Silvertonin' Weekend! We've got a great variety of items that went under the gavel the past couple of days, let's start off with this fine example of the rare '50s-era Kay-built 696 archtop.

696 Kay FHAC w/ OC VG <$595 Clean, light wear/checking, logo strong with a scrape on the 'S,' bridge missing thumbwheels, stamped

1429 Harmony HBEG w/ C $750 Sold as a 'project,' logo missing (but proudly Sharpie'd back in), NS tuners, NS bridge, edge/surface wear, jack repaired, wear to pickup cover inserts, truss rod cover missing, pots scratchy, finger peeling (was it varnished at some point?)

1423 Harmony SSEG w/ OC E <$750 Clean, minimal wear, logo intact, chrome shiny, pickguard legends strong, pickups date to '63

1490 Teisco SBEG Bass VG $275 Clean, light wear, logo intact, some pitting/oxidation to chrome parts, serial #89311

1448 Dano SSEG with tube ampincase E <$629 Clean, minimal wear, sidewalls bright, chrome shiny, logo strong, transitional version; triangle legend cylinder knobs, strip tuners, three-screw neck attach and neck tilt

1435 Teisco SBEG VG <$295 Clean, light wear, logo tag looks good, recently rescued from 40 years in storage

1304 Dano SSEG VG $455 Clean, some edge/surface wear, buckle rash, NS cavity cover, logo worn, pickup cover split, NS knobs, stamping indicates Summer 1960 build

621 Harmony FTAC G $15 Clean, some edge wear/flaking, top split on bass side, fingerboard wear in the 'cowboy chord' area, logo strong

Hey, look! It's a 1483! The Silvertone amp of choice for Peter Buck, Rilo Kiley and Vampire Weekend!

1483 Dano tube amp and speaker cabinet VG $375 Clean, light wear, duct tape residue on top of cab

1483 Dano tube amp only VG <$400 Covering painted, control face legends almost erased, NS knobs, rust to metal parts, functional

1448 Dano tube ampincase only VG $128 Clean, some wear to covering and lining, some wear to hardboard amp chassis,  knob missing, amp functional

1454 Dano Solid State amp only VG $75 Clean. light wear, some tape residue on panel face, tested functional; no mention of rev/trem

1340 Valco tube amp VG $400 Clean, light wear, logo looks great, some staining to grille, paint drips on one side, schematic nearly intact, handle looks good, recently restore; seller says "All out of spec parts replaced. Pot cleaned. 3 prong power cord added for safety. The original 6"Rola speaker is dirty, but cone is still in very nice shape with no rips or tears. Vintage tubes are all GE and all test good on my Hickok 6000A, 6SJ7, 6V6GT and 5Y3GT."

1457 Dano ampcase knobs $25 apiece Light wear, slight adhesive seep to inserts, (1) shows a rounded rim


Guitars and More!

1454 Harmony SBEG G $1200 Clean, edge/surface wear, some finish checking/flaking, buckle rash worn through to wood, whammy intact, logo worn, lamination lines showing at headstock, NS tuners, NS truss rod cover

612 Harmony FHAC w/ C VG $195 Clean, light wear, 'thick script' logo strong, pickguard missing (bracket's still there), a little 'cord melt' area to the finish on back lower bass side bout, playing wear  to neck (and maybe some weather exposure to headstock), serial #2491H612

Now, a little blast from the audio past with these entertainment systems from very different eras...

17420 Simpson-Sears phonograph $200 This is one groovy unit from our friends in Canada... plays every record speed, has a flippable needle, record changer and a smoked dust dome to complete the look. From the shag-and-polyester year of 1971, you'll have to find your own far-out speakers...

1582 Sears tube radio <$795 Beautiful 'cathedral' radio from the Depression era. Functional, sourced from Colonial Radio

And, well... just because I came across it.... the predecessor of the iPod dock from 1972.

Let's grab a little 1964 throwback while we're at it... you may have heard of these fellows...

Here's your top long-players for this week in 1964...

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah... this happened: The Fab Four control the top five spots on the Billboard singles chart. On *four* different record labels!




End Of The Line? That's our first up today; as the best-selling 1477 was about to bow out of the pages of the Sears catalog, it experienced a few changes, resulting in a handful of much rarer 'Bobkats.' These axes got bigger knobs, a roller bridge, and colorful inserts to their DeArmonds. Today's example (stamped 1479, but appearing in the catalog as a 14773) looks terrific, with its whammy handle intact, shiny chrome, and little wear to speak of. Frankly, I'm surprised it didn't go for more.

1479 Harmony SBEG w/ OC E <$465 Clean, minimal wear, logo strong, pickup selector 'finicky'

How about this nice example of an early 1448? Black dome ribbed knobs, strip tuners, two-screw neck attach... it's all there!

1448 Dano SSEG with tube ampincase VG $375 Clean, light wear, logo strong, NS knob on amp, bridge could stand a cleaning. Relisted on 4/16 with a mysterious caveat: "Customer return - after 7th fret, it malfunctions." Went for just $220 this time.

1392 Dano tube amp F <$300 Covering is rough, logo emblem missing, control face shows wear, stamping indicates 1958 build, tremolo non-functional, NS tubes, seller says "
This amp has never been recapped, so the net effect is that it pops and sizzles and buzzes and it does not operate at full efficiency."

618 Kay FTAC VG $284 Needs a cleaning, light wear, 'wind chime' logo strong, tuner buttons deteriorated away, stamped L6865 618

602 Harmony FTAC VG $60 Clean, light wear, logo strong, orig. box incl.

641 Harmony FTAC E $118 Clean, minimal wear, logo strong, orig. box incl., stamped S-67, serial

1457 Dano SSEG body/pickguard only $150 Neck tilt screw and ferrule also present


So... April is 'National Guitar Month,' eh?
It's also
Foot Health Awareness Month, Frog Month, Garden Month, Home Inspection Month, Humor Month, Keep America Beautiful Month, Kite Flying Month, Poetry Month, and Welding Month, among other things. We'll just stick with the guitars, OK?

I reckon if Kay had designed these guitars like this from the get-go, Gibson might have shut 'em down. Here's a beautiful 're-imagining' of the Silvertone 620, looking more 'Jumbo' than ever:

620 Kay FTAC MOD $305 Clean, top refinished, new pickguard, logo strong, block markers look good, new tuners, new bridge, Shadow NanoFlex electronics/pickup/tailpin jack added

A rare bird from our friends at Kay; a maroon-logo'd Aristocrat...

642/651 Kat FHAC w/ OC VG $307 Clean, light wear, 'thick script' logo strong, pickguard legend and border looks good, seller says "Neck kind of wiggles when moved back and forth."

Can't believe this rare all-mahogany 623 and a seldom-seen 1214 both went for less than eighty bucks!

623 Harmony FTAC VG $78 Clean, light wear, 'thin script' logo strong

1214 Harmony FTAC VG $75 Clean, light wear, 'thin script' logo strong

1209 Harmony FTAC VG $51 Clean, light wear, 'Space Dot' strong, stamped S-70

1420 Harmony SSEG w/ OC VG $355 Clean, light wear, chrome shiny, 'thin script' logo strong, some edge wear along back bottom

1417 Dano SSEG w/ OC VG $492 Clean, logo intact, refinished (originally copper), all knobs missing

1340 Valco tube amp VG $499 Clean, light wear, logo looks great, grille shows very light scuffing, control face legends slightly worn at low end of Volume circle

1474 Dano tube amp VG $650 Clean, light wear, reverb functional, tremolo not working, NS Groove Tube power tubes, speaker stamping indicates 1963 build making this one of the last ones made

1232 MIJ FTAC Classical E $80 Clean, minimal wear, soundhole decoration and label look good, seller says "This is far better quality than any of the US made Silvertones. Most Silvertones were student instruments and have suffered the miss handling of students for more than 40 years." *Ahem.* Riiiight...

1487 Teisco SBEG with solid state ampinguitar VG $173 Clean, light wear, logo has some wear, some oxidation to metal parts, tuner ferrules cracked, battery door missing, internal amp not working

Just because it's National Guitar Month, I thought I'd share this Teisco-branded TWO-pickup whammy'd TRG-2L (that's as close as I can get, actually... I've never seen one exactly like this, with the brownburst body and the one-piece pickguard). Look at that  chrome! With the amp untested, and the whammy handle and battery cover missing, it sold for $255.

Wonder if someone tried a 'Pete Townshend' on this poor, unsuspecting guitar?

1457 Dano SSEG body only $19 Cracked at neck pocket


Here's Some April Foolin' from Google that came today in my statistics report from Google Analytics, and then one I cobbled together for our Facebook page. BTW, if you have a website, Google Analytics is a terrific product.

No foolin' on these three guitars that sold today, though!

1488 Harmony w/ OC SBEG VG $511 Clean, light wear, logo strong, middle pickup not working, 'seat belts' still in case, pickup assembly stamped October 1965

1477 Harmony SBEG w/ OC VG $465 Clean, light wear, logo strong, non-whammy version (pre-'66)

1454 Harmony SBEG w/ OC VG $1000 Clean, light wear, logo strong, Bigsby intact, stencil/marker inside case

Abbreviations: M-Mint, NM - Near Mint, E- Excellent, VG- Very Good, G- Good , F-Fair, P-Poor, NS- Non-Stock, HBEG- Hollow Body Electric, FHAC- F-Hole Acoustic, FTAC- Flat-Top Acoustic, SBEG- Solid Body Electric, SSEG- Semi-Sold Electric, MIJ- Made In Japan, MOD - Modified significantly from stock, w/ O/C Original / Case, BOA - (related to price) Best Offer Accepted; price shown was asking price, sold for less, DNS - Did Not Sell; used mainly to show an item of interest whether it sold or not.
Unless otherwise noted, I'm rating them by what I see in the pictures and read in the description.

The items depicted on this page are not for sale by Silvertone World. These are reviews of items from completed eBay auctions on or around the date specified.


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