The 'Dolphin Nose'
14XX series was the end of the 6-string 'U' series of guitars offered by Sears. They carried on the standard of the 'lipstick' pickup, the classic cutaway look of the body, and features you couldn't see like the dual neck truss rods, internal shielding for the electronics, and (as the catalog put it) 'core of hardwood balanced by hollow wing sections,' all topped off by the famous 'modern headpiece.' These guitars finished what the 1375/77 started in 1954 and disappeared with the advent of the 1448/49/57 line in  late 1962.

Fall/Winter 1959

Spring/Summer 1962

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The 1417/19 and 1415/16 guitars
were the last iteration of the great line of Dano-built electrics with the 'U' body shape. Subtle differences in construction will help you ID which 'dolphin nose' model you have with just a glance - check the photo galleries for the features of the two model groups.

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