The Harmony-built 'Bobkat'-based
had quite a run in the mid-60s, feeding off the Beatles-fueled rock and roll mania of the times, these guitars sold and sold and sold, adding a whammy bar in 1966, and finishing up its run in 1968 with a choice of finishes and some slightly different knobs. Two 'foil' DeArmond pickups, straightforward controls, and a "fancy contoured body" made this guitar the one to beat. Its reign was only ended by the Japanese invasion of late '68.

Spring/Summer 1964 at $54.95

Whammy added in 1966

Retired: Spring/Summer 1968 at $62.95 as the 14772 (red) and the 14773 (yellow)

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The most popular solid-body that Sears ever sold was this gem from Harmony. Other 'Bobkat'-based guitars did OK, but none beat the 1477 for strength of sales as well ubiquity on today's market. It's a great little guitar, with just what you wanted in a starter axe. No wonder we see so many today.

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