Silvertone acoustic guitars were a mainstay on the American music scene spanning four decades. From the 40s, when the Supertone line gave way to Silvertones, right on through the earliest part of the 70s, countless budding guitarists fell in (or out of) love with playing music with help from a Silvertone acoustic. Crafted mostly by Harmony and Kay, steel-stringed flattops, f-holes, even classical guitars were available under the Silvertone brand. Its hard to imagine (and impossible to know) how many campfire 'Kum-bay-yas,' hootenanny 'Tom Dooleys,' and love-in 'Blowin' in the Winds' were strummed on a Silvertone acoustic. And they're still being strummed and picked even now, in jam sessions, studios and rehearsal rooms all over the world.