Abbreviations: M-int, NM - Near Mint, E- Excellent, VG- Very Good, G- Good , F-air, P-Poor, NS- Non-Stock, HBEG- Hollow Body Electric, FHAC- F-Hole Acoustic, FTAC- Flat-Top Acoustic, SBEG- Solid Body Electric, SSEG- Semi-Sold Electric, MIJ- Made In Japan, MOD - Modified significantly from stock, O/HSC Original/Hard Shell case, BIN (Auction ended at 'Buy It Now' price), UNK - Unknown manufacturer or model number, ACC - accessory. ALL RATINGS SUBJECTIVE.
Unless otherwise noted, I'm rating them by what I see in the pictures and read in the description.

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February 2008
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March came in like a lion
here in central North Carolina yesterday. Windy and warm, with a stiff wind. Just two days before, I watched snow flurries during my lunch hour.  That's the same kind of random variability we've seen in the Silvertone auctions over February. 1448 ampincase for $1600, one nearly as clean for $300. Run of the mill 1484 spray painted black for $660, super-rare 1303 goes for (relative) peanuts. That's just the way it goes; it doesn't matter how much your item is theoretically 'worth,' it's all about timing and desire.

Anyhoo, give me a day to total  up and archive February, and we'll get the listings for March a'goin.'

A few rarities in the final week of February; a seldom-seen 1428 'XL' solid state bass amp going for next to nothing, a very nice 610 Gene Autry model, a coupla good lookin' ukes, and a nice sea-green 1413.

Posted 3/2/08

1428 Solid State '60XL' G $52 Hole in back from removed RCA jack mod

1483 Dano tube amp only G $319 BIN Modded with 'gnarly' switch, 1/4" jack mod

1448 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case G $355 Edge wear on case, 1/4" jack mod, earlier triangle knob on amp, (1) NS know, (1) stock on guitar122

604 Harmony FTAC G $37

610 Harmony FTAC w/OHSC VG $270 Gene Autry 'Round-Up' guitar, screenprint very nice , design on case looks good , mighty fine gee-tar, pard'ner

Kay FHAC G $150 Clean, slight neck separation

1464 Dano Solid State amp with cabinet VG $250 Reverb works, tremolo doesn't, covering clean, grille clean, 2x12" Jensen speakers stamped  #2200724 =24th week of 67

Supertone ukulele G $40 Skier design, includes canvas bag
1448 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case G $360 Dirtiest 1448 guitar I've ever seen , NS tuners, amp has worn spot in lining, amp is noisy/scratchy/hummy, case looks good

UNK Harmony FHAC F $90 No bridge

Dano Skate key one piece tuners $23 Slight rust on one string post

1200 Harmony FTAC G $68 Dings/scratches, sticker on nack

1464 Dano Solid State amp only G $45 Untested

1484 Dano tube amp only $239 Untested, tubes light, rusty xformers and handle captures, covering looks ok, lead to speaker cabinet just loose wires
Dano Trem/Rev footswitch VG $128
1221 Harmony FTAC VG $299 Pickguard missing , Space Dot logo , watch it in action on YouTube

1420 Harmony SBEG G $310 8"+ scratch on back, dings, scratches
1410 Teisco MIJ G $220 Finish checking , scratches, whammy missing

1457 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case VG $647 Very clean guitar, corner dings on amp
1212 Harmony FTAC VG $57  Space dot logo

1452 Dano SBEG w/HSC VG $760 White pickguard, very clean

1413 Kay SBEG w/OHSC VG $335  Screen print design still good on bridge/pickup, a few scratches, some neck wear
1204 Harmony FTAC G $20 Rusty tuners hard to turn , high action, dings

1474 Dano tube amp VG $472 A few dings,  1/4" jack mod, tremolo non-functional, otherwise very good

1485 Dano tube  amp VG $999 A few scrapes, one cigarette burn on speaker cab, cabinet dolly & foot switch incl.

1455 Teisco MIJ F $66 Finish rough, electronics/whammy/bridge intact, pickguard present, found with dirt dauber's (similar to a wasp) nest inside
1483 Dano tube amp only G $218 Spray painted black, phone number engraved into front panel, some NS tubes, 3x 1/4" jack mod
1484 Dano tube amp VG $483 1/4" jack mod , NS power tubes, reverb non-functional, a few covering scrapes, amp keepers in place, grille and panels look good
623 Harmony FHAC G $240 Hairline cracks, NS tuners, NS pickguard, stamped
S-61-HB, serial # 2659H623

Dano Rev/Trem Pedal F $40
Oscar Schmidt Autoharp VG $118 15-chord, case, accessories, record, books
621  Harmony FTAC  VG $51 Bridge intact, playing scratches on top and the word 'cool' scrawled into finish (enhanced), stamped 4722H621 , F-63

853 ukulele G $42 Some edge scratches
1448 Dano tube amp in case only F $75 Functional, plenty of case damage/cover splits, speaker torn , broken hinge
805 Banjo w/OHSC G $123 5-string, open back , it's been played
1448 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case VG $475 Dirty knobs on guitar , other than that amp & guitar very nice
2574 Oscar Schmidt Autoharp G $69 15-chord, no case, no tuner, no access, maybe came from a school or rec center

A lot of auctions were set to end
Sunday night! Look at that one on top of the stack; it's a very rare 2317 model lap steel, I only have one listing for it from 1941. That Dano pickguard is a puzzle... it's a 1449 style, but the dates on the pots are way too late to have made it into a 1449. Of course, with a single unattached part like that, who knows? It could easily be a drilled-out 1448 p/g with a 1457 set of components. I'm trying to find a reference to a 1470 amp... so far, no luck.

Posted 2/25/08

2317  Valco Lap Steel w/OHSC VG $350 BIN All but one tuner button deteriorated away, music store receipt from 1944 included
1448 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case G $250 Playing wear on guitar , amp non-functional

1483 Dano tube amp w/cabinet G $311 Ground switch non-functional, 1/4" jack mod on cab , dings/edge wear, discolored grille, rust/pitting on panel

1448 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case G $255 NS knobs on guitar , NS bridge installation ran into back panel, NS tuners, amp looks very good; one clasp missing

1472 Dano tube amp chassis only $154 Functional, tremolo works, 3-prong AC mod, black paint overspray, logo removed

852 ukulele w/OHSC by GEIB E $199 Very clean

1483 Dano cabinet only $153Caster present, stock Jensens, some handle capture rust, corner/edge tears aplenty
1445 Teisco MIJ w/OHSC VG $331 Clean, nice guitar, whammy intact, pointy head, Silvertone logo

617 / 21  Harmony FTAC w/ OHSC G $109 Some surface scratches/edge wear, stamped F-63
1448(?) Dano SSEG Pickguard/potentiometers only $26 Painted white, no knobs or selector switch , pots stamped 1376436=the 36th week of 1964

6XX Harmony FTAC G $43 Bridge intact/no screws , some edge wear, surface scratches

1448 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case VG $
810 Clean, slight edge wear

1466 Harmony SBEG VG $355 Light rust on tuners, (1) bent tuner shaft

Danelectro Gold-plated lipstick tube pickup $51

DeArmond Pickup 1410 'cheese grater' model $58

1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet G $357 NS Olson Big Rock speakers, reverb non-functional

1470 tube amp F $67 Unusual amp, powers up/makes buzz, I'm trying to find a reference to a 1470 .

1483 Dano tube amp $200Amp non-functional, cosmetically OK
1477 Harmony SBEG G $223 Light finish checking, (1) knob missing, high E tuner missing bushing/NS,

1481 Dano tube amp amp VG $206 Square spkr. cutout, back panel missing, scuffs/dings

1472 Dano tube amp VG $330 Square spkr. cutout, tremolo works, edge wear, red control border , clean grille, schematic glued to back panel

1413 Kay SBEG VG $363 Clean, minimal wear/dings, screenprint in good shape on tailpiece/pickup , original gig bag included

1423 Harmony SSEG w/HSC VG $695 Binding separating from neck at first fret , scratch on back , neck wear , 'Blender' switch has issues, scary strap included

1446 Harmony HBEG w/OHSC VG $1225  NS bridge , very slight flaking at binding on top bout and cutaway , light headstock wear

1452 Dano SBEG VG $400 Tortoise shell pickguard, four small screw holes below bridge

621 Harmony FTAC F $205 Sold as twofer with Harmony model 1213, pickup missing,
serial #9658H621, stamped S-65
1452 Dano SBEG electronics package $200 BIN

1430  Dano tube amp G $131 Original tubes, handle in good shape
1200 Harmony FTAC G $51 wear and tear
1457 Dano SSEG Guitar only MOD $355 Repainted in several places, no logo, NS lipstick pickups, NS tuners, NS knobs, NS pickup switch , pickup holes re-cut for humbuckers

1457 Dano Pickup Harness $280 BIN No knobs, pot codes 1376440= 40th week of 1964

1421 Tube amp G $175 '10XL',  quarter-size hole in grille, NS tubes, tremolo works, 3 prong AC mod (complete with orange cord) , cardboard 'cord keeper' mod on bottom of cab

Very exciting to see
a 1373 6-string bass! Sears just didn't sell a bunch of them, and they were only available for a short time, so when you see one in as good a condition as the one that was just auctioned off, it's a real find! I find it amusing that it went for exactly it's Buy It Now price of $1100 after nearly two weeks of bidding.

Of course, we must make mention of that triple-pickup 1305. The white/black sunburst is a unique Silvertone finish, and of course the triple lipstick design was a real groundbreaker - no other Silvertone had ever had more than two pickups; that would all change after the 1305.

How about that aqua 1478? Never appeared in a major seasonal catalog (seen one in a Wish Book or supplement? Let me know!). It's gotta be a factory finish, the logo and model stamp silkscreen are floating on top of an aqua color sea... it'd be impossible to re-paint and achieve that... beside, check the pickups - sea-green inserts! I love surprises!

Posted 2/23/08

1478 Harmony SBEG w/OHSC VG $761 Aqua factory finish, never listed in any major Sears catalog

Valco Lap Steel E $350 BIN The prettiest 1310 I've seen, no issues, new buttons on stock tuners, serial # X62870

856 ukulele w/HSC VG $55 Baritone model Clean, a few light scratches

ukulele VG $50 Clean, some rust on tuner bushings

1373 Dano SSEG Bass w/ Fender case VG $1100 What a rarity! Neck wear , worn logo , NS GOTOH tuners, one volume knob spins freely; pot OK, vinyl clean , stamped 1058=10th week of '58

604 Harmony FTAC G $51 Some edge wear

1423 Harmony SSEG w/HSC VG $760 A little edge wear at headstock
1482 Dano tube amp G $240 Square speaker cutout, NS tubes, rusty xformer , back panel missing; wood replacement , 1/4" jack mod , 3-prong AC mod

UNK Kay FHAC VG $163 Clean, slight neck/body gap, some dings at headstock, stamped N3 and L392

1457 Dano SSEG guitar only VG $480 Very clean, the usual headstock dings

604 Harmony FTAC G $104 Some edge wear, stamped

604 Harmony FTAC F $50 (1) tuner missing

1471 Dano Tube amp VG $135 NS speaker, re-capped, 3-prong AC mod, common grille discoloration

1481 Dano tube amp amp VG $188 Round spkr. cutout, (1) NS tube, clean covering; no dings, rusty handle captures

1482 Dano tube amp G $305 Square speaker cutout, covering/grille look good, some pitting/oxidation of front/rear panel

674 Kay FHAC VG $480 Nice guitar, NS tuners, some light scratches/dings, stamped L4

Harmony SBEG w/OHSC VG $383 Some small scratches/dings

Teisco MIJ SBEG VG $203 Whammy intact, Canadian bought with different model number, swoopy-
head block logo late-era headstock, last of Silvertone-branded guitars

1495 Teisco MIJ SSEG Bass G $150 Chrome shows oxidation, both knobs read 'TONE,;' neither are functional; jack is hardwired to pickups, selector knob missing, scroll headstock

1400 UNK 'Crystal' microphone VG $46 Original cloth bag and box included
1305 Dano SSEG VG $958   Top knobs on each of three 'stacks' missing, NS back access cover, small dings on headstock, small dings top back, finish and pickups look great

9636 UNK 'Book' speakers VG $43 Mark Twain series , very clean, one small tear on back panel of one speaker
1482 Dano tube amp G $260 Square speaker cutout, rust on xformer , covering very nice

1472 Dano tube amp VG $248 Round spkr. cutout, tremolo works, seller has owned for past 20 years, red border faceplate, white racing stripe cover
1482 Dano tube amp MOD $179 1/4" paneling cabinet , never seen a mod quite like this one; 12" Carvin speaker, tremolo works
1423 Harmony SSEG w/OHSC VG $1125 A beautiful guitar, some light scratches on the back, small dings on headstock, pots stamped
1376014=14th week of 1960, manuf. by Chicago Telephone Supply

DeArmond Pickup $110 BIN 1420/21

Must be some tax refund instant loans
floatin' around, because we've spent a little money since I last wrote (about y'all not spending any...). One of the prettiest 1423 guitars that I've seen going for a nice price, the only thing that kept it from 'Near Mint' was the ding on the headstock and the scratches on back (minor, I know... but I gotta have some standards). I was surprised at the price that 1481 with no speaker brought; maybe the You Tube performance helped sell it. Boy, a 602 looks like a different guitar with that faux tortoise-shell pickguard! Good money for the original amp-on-board 1487, even if the amp ain't a-workin'. Not bad bucks for a chippy, flaky 1381... but, hey -  it's still cooler than anything you can buy off the rack today. I like the handpainted Silvertone logo on that re-finished 13XX 'Coke Bottle' guitar. A beautiful 1442 going for some folding money... man, that is a great bass! Of course, the Banana peels off another great 1448 setup.

Posted 2/19/08

1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet G $433 Re-capped, NS speakers, trem/rev non-functional, dings/edge scrapes amp & cabinet

1417 Dano SSEG VG  $610 Very nice guitar, some neck wear , slightest little ding on dolphin nose headstock , with original gig bag

1430 Dano tube amp G $211 A few nicks in the covering, 2 caps bypassed (but still present), some oxidation on the chassis , see the seller rockin' the amp at this link.

1420 Harmony body/neck only $139

1420 tube amp G $86 Loud hum, covering tears, grille picks, back panel still in place

1423 Harmony SSEG w/OHSC E $1225 Look at that glitter ! One small headstock ding, a very light scratch on the back, stamped S-61

602 Harmony FTAC G $90 A few dings, NS pickguard , serial #

1381 Kay SSEG VG $819 The usual dings, some finish checking/flaking, veneer on headstock chipped , binding, neck electronics all good

1481 Dano tube amp amp G $133 Speaker missing , NS tubes, functional, watch the seller rockin' this amp on harmonica on YouTube
1472 Dano tube amp VG $450 Round spkr. cutout, tremolo works, some NS tubes and caps, red border faceplate , white racing stripe cover, no issues, very clean

Teisco SBEG w/ onboard amp VG $566 Amp not working, logo tag lookin' good , all covers in place

1484 Dano tube amp G $450 BIN Front panel input mod , NS Groove tubes, 3-pron AC mod

Harmony SBEG E $360 Whammy/tailpiece look great , minimal dings

Dano SSEG VG/MOD $475 Pretty good job on the refinish; , NS tuners, neck stamped ; 11th week of 1958

1478 Harmony SBEG VG $395 Clean guitar with minimal scratches and dings

1484 Dano tube amp $209 Condition? Looks good, but here's the quote from the seller: "I have owned it for several years  and one day as I played it  I heard a "POP" and saw a bit of smoke coming from the back , I turned it off and put it away."

800 Banjo w/ guitar HSC VG $80 Closed back, 5-string

800 Banjo G $56 Closed back, 5-string, one owner,
bought new at Sears in Evansville, IN

853 ukulele VG $51

1442 Dano SBEG Bass VG $665 Hairline crack in repaired headstock, neck stamped 1017 ; 10th week of 1967

1448 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case E $1226

621 Harmony FTAC w/OHSC G $71 Bridge starting to split, headstock dings, stamped F-65

1483 Dano tube amp only VG $305 (2) NS preamp tubes, (2) NS power tubes, 3 prong AC mod, 1/4 jack mod

1392 Dano tube amp VG $272 Re-capped, NS xformer, NS Jensen reissue spkr., stock tubes, 3 prong AC mod, small burn on covering; barely noticeable

Folks, I just gotta say
I can't believe that incredibly rare, incredibly incredible 1303 went for as little money as it did, when available-every-day 1484s regularly go for over $600 (even when they've been spray-painted black!). Collector-wise, it's a totally historic amp; a transitional amp, if you will. Maybe folks mistook it for a simple Valco-made 1300, when that clearly wasn't the case (no pun intended). The amp shared the two-toned treble-clef'd case with the 1300, but the similarity ends there. This amp was clearly built by Danelectro, one of the first Silvertone-branded Dano amps, and the amp/chassis design was later utilized in the popular 1304/1344 series of amps (although those amps enjoyed a little more power). This amp had tremolo! In 1948! The handle, chassis, covering, speaker... everything was absolutely top-notch for a 60+ year old amp. Just goes to show you how fickle and feckless an auction can sometimes be. *Ahem*  End of rant.

Aside from rare amps goin' cheap, we've got a pretty good assortment of Silvertoniness this Valentine weekend. Good lookin' 1429 going for a fair price, a very nice 1452 guitar going for a dollar less than the 1429... a surprisingly high price for that out-of-whack 1423... and the big Valentine money maker, a nice Kay-made crest-headstock'd 1365. I've got to ask your help for that funky Kay electric down there... It's got plain surfaced chrome pickups and an unusual pickguard. Have you ever seen it in a Sears catalog? Do you know the model number? Here's the Kay counterpart Share, Silvertonians, share!

Posted 2/17/08

1303 Dano tube amp VG $523 Super-rare amp, all stock, J-12 Rola spkr. , chassis, covering, handle, panel all in great condition, small ding on speaker/grille frame , cover 'piping' loose in places

1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet VG $660 Great working order, trem/rev functional, grille painted black , stock Jensens

1429 Harmony HBEG w/HSC VG $600 Seller is 2nd owner, guitar looks great, crack at jack , headstock dings , neck wear , serial 2139H1429

1481 Dano tube amp Amp chassis only $124 , functional, gain switch mod at input #2, NS knobs

Harmony FTAC Parts $25 Guitar neck (missing one tuning peg), pickguard, tailpiece, and a guitar fragment with serial number 387H604
1452 Dano SBEG w/HSC VG $599 Very clean guitar, tortoise pickguard, whammy intact, a few slight scratches, minor crack at neck/body junction , ding on upper 'horn'

1452 Dano SBEG w/HSC MOD $325 Refinished natural, no logo, NS nut, (1) NS knob

Harmony SSEG G $394 Bridge glued in place, missing volume knob, missing pickguard screws, missing jack nut, large scratch on back, poorly replaced tuners

1365 Kay HBEG w/HSC G $736 Crest headstock, edge wear/flaking , headstock wear, screw through neck heel 'repair' , new buttons on tuners, adjusters gone from bridge

1482 Dano tube amp VG $271 Square spkr. cutout, static on one control, all stock tubes, footswitch incl.
1420 Harmony SSEG body/neck $140 BIN
1333 Dano tube amp G $234 Plenty of edge wear , (2) NS tubes, 3-prong AC mod

1484 Dano tube amp P $39 No tubes, no knobs, no xformers, chassis has gotten wet, still has reverb tank, incl. manual/schematic (they're gonna need it!)

1207 Harmony FTAC G $35 Block logo, fingerboard wear

1485 Harmony HBEG w/OHSC VG $661
The usual dings and scrapes from a guitar that's been played, Bigsby intact, electronics good, stamped F-67, serial #7287 14541; indicating the body or back was leftover re-purposed 1454 Harmony stock

1481 Dano tube amp VG $215 Round speaker cutout, weird ' shadow' on grille;  tape residue?

UNK Kay SSEG VG $467 Blender-type switch , small chip off corner of pickguard , never listed in a major seasonal catalog

1482 Dano tube amp G $399 (1) NS tube, 3-prong AC mod, covering looks great with only the slightest corner separation , grille 'pick' , tremolo functional

1317 Harmony HBEG VG $414
Finish is good w/ minimal checking/wear, pickguard present , P series pickup , sticker on headstock from Vokac Music House Chicago 

1448 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case G $
331 Cord keeper still present, triangle V/T knob inserts (indicates earlier model) , worn spots in case lining , See & hear this guitar in action on YouTube

I love my Kentucky Blue, but it seems that the earliest versions of that guitar have turned Kentucky Green... 1419?!? That's a squat little amp that I've not seen lately... brought a good price, it's been modded along the way as just an amp, though... no speaker in the cabinet. From the land of the rising sun, one of those wacky mid-60s multi-pickup'd Teisco monsters... does anyone have any kind of Sears catalog listings for one of these things...
I've never seen a listing for any of 'em.

Posted 2/15/08

1460 Teisco MIJ HBEG P $71 Where to begin? Plenty o' scratches, thread-stripped truss rod, missing whammy, loose tuners, scratchy electronics, 2 of 4 knobs NS, no logo, covers missing from tuners, warped neck, NS bridge... on the other hand, the pickups seem OK.

UNK Tube amp F $75 No speaker , jack mod

604 Harmony FTAC w/OHSC VG $97 Some light scratches, stamped S-65

1482 Dano tube amp G $255 Square speaker cutout, a few stains on grille, a few dings, some corner wear, all stock
1478 Harmony SBEG G $257 Untested, two machine heads missing, dot sticker on headstock, whammy present, unstrung
1457 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case VG $621 Small headstock dings, not tested, big ding on corner/hinge of case
ET-440 Teisco MIJ SBEG w/OHSC VG $405 Some minor dings, finish looks good, whammy intact
653 Kay FHAC G $216 Early 'Kentucky Blue' w/ deco headstock logo, NS bridge, finish faded to almost a green, modified w/ Barcus Berry bridge pickup and jack , pickguard present

604 Harmony FTAC w/HSC G $76 Headstock dings, w/ 'Guitar Method' book, stamped F-57

7448 UNK Mark Twain bookshelf speakers F $10 Corner wear

604 Harmony FTAC G $44 Some scratches & edgewear

1413 Kay SBEG VG $295 Clean, some wear on pickup/bridge screenprint
1448 Dano empty case G $44

1448 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case VG $306 Clasp broken on case, headstock dings, otherwise very clean

Feeling the Silverone love, y'all
here on this Valentine's day, and there's a lot to fall for! How about that rare 614 acoustic going for what I thought was just a little bit of money... some big money flyin' around for some desirable Dano-built ampincase models, a 1448 and a 1452, also a beautiful 1331 amp going for a fair price. Hadn't seen a 1444 bass or a Harmony-made 1454 lately, so that was nice. How about that sky blue MIJ Teisco? We know it as a 1405, but the Great White North Simpson-Sears locations put a 26876 model number on it. Anybody got any Canadian Sears catalogs?
Envoyez-moi un balayage de l'instrument de musique pages catalogue, s’il vous plaît!

Posted 2/14/08

1300 Valco tube amp G $295 'Music note' grille pushed in/ separated , back panel & grating still in place , NS knobs installed , stock knobs incl.

1420 UNK tube amp G $99 BIN '5XL' model , clean, 3-prong AC mod, some caps replaced, sound degrades after 10 minutes of playing

619 Kay FHAC w/HSC G $113 Hole made for pickup jack; never installed , finish looks good, a scratch or two
DeArmond Pickup VG $100 Most commonly seen on Harmony made Silvertones, 1966, 10 Ohms

1448 Dano tube amp only VG $131 A corner ding or two; otherwise very nice

1448 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case G $255 Red, white and blue re-finish on pickguard, sticker on left bout, rip to ampcase covering
1405 Teisco MIJ MOD/G $156 Obviously refinished, Canadian Simpson-Sears model, so different model number
604 Harmony FTAC F $45 Edge ewar, dings, nasty ding to headstock
614 Harmony FTAC VG $178  Very clean, came with a pack of Silvertone-branded made in Italy strings !

1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet VG $511 Pitting on amp panel front and back , covering on amp and cabinet looks good, original Jensens
UNK Valco Lap steel w/HSC G $193  NS tuners, modded signal cord, similar to the guitar that came with the model 2323
UNK Kay FHAC VG $183 
Screw eye in back of headstock, L1551 & N-1 stamped inside
1446 Harmony HBEG w/HSC VG $799 NS arm on Bigsby, Repro pickguard, NS bridge

604 Harmony FTAC G $20 A few paint dings, some edge wear

1836 Oscar Schmidt AutoHarp G $70 BIN 12-chord model, book and accessories included

1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet VG $350 BIN NS (celestion) speakers

1485 Dano tube amp w/cabinet VG $765 BIN Recently serviced, NS brass corners, casters/dolly/thumbscrews intact w/ a few tears, trem/rev functional, 1/4" jack mod to cabinet, amp 'keepers' present on cab, amp looks good

1483 Dano tube amp w/cabinet VG $325 Amp and cabinet both look good, amp is functional, cabinet amp keepers still there, amp/cabinet cover clean

Harmony FTAC w/HSC G $72 Weird scar on back of headstock , otherwise OK

805 Banjo F $37 5-string open-back , no bridge, no tailpiece, missing some screws, neck looks good

802 Banjo G $86 5-string w/resonator , small cracks in headstock and heel

612 Harmony FHAC G $123 Neck solid, a few dings, pickguard missing, looks like it had a pickup attached at some time during its life, seller is owners grandson, serial #387H612

660 Kay Classical w/HSC G $85 Stamped inside

1465  Dano speaker cabinet only G $290 (6) 10" Jensens

1483 Dano tube amp only G $229 NS tubes, handle & (1) capture missing

1311 Valco Steel guitar VG $325 BIN Serial #T40342 , super cool gold glitter tuning buttons

623 Harmony FHAC G $99  3 inch and 5 inch cracks in top and back, finish flaking/checking, stamped  UVC and F-61, serial #4367H623
1482 Dano tube amp G $180 Earlier red framed 'tremlo' control panel, water damage; rusty speaker, rusty xformer , weird piece on bottom front edge , tremolo works

1448 Dano SSEG w/ Tube amp in case VG $535 Some case edge wear, otherwise very clean

1331 Dano tube amp E $316 AC cord cracking , otherwise one of the nicest 1331s I've ever seen

1448 Dano SSEG w/ Tube amp in case VG $451 NS speaker, NS knobs , very clean, w/ original cord and owner's manual

1413/17 Kay pickup by DeArmond $46 Arrow screenprint design looks good, dated June 24,1966, reads 6.31 K ohms, 5 1/2 inch original lead

1465 Dano Solid State amp only G $153 Both channels and effects functional

658 Kay FHAC w/OHSC VG $331 Finish flaking in a few places, pickguard present w/small ding, pre-1966 block markers

1457 Dano Bridge $36 w/ screws

1457 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case VG $962 Very clean example of this guitar and amp, footswitch and original cord incl., seller has owned for 25 years

1448 Dano SSEG w/ Tube amp in case VG $415 Corner dings on case, guitar very clean, seller has owned for 25 years

1444 Dano SSEG Bass w/OHSC VG $660 One owner, NS tuners, logo intact , original strings (!)

1452 Dano SBEG w/ tube amp in case VG $823 Whammy intact, clean guitar and amp

1454 Harmony HBEG w/HSC VG $660 A few nicks/scratches on the back

1457 Dano SSEG w/ tube amp in case E $1525 Super clean example of this guitar and amp

852 Harmony ukulele G $84 Hula girl screenprint very bright , missing one tuner

1255 ukulele G $25 Clean, w/original box , block logo, bridge cracked

1483 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet G $248 Some corner scuffs, (1) NS tube, both channels functional

1431 Dano tube amp F $109 Horrid spray paint job , amp works, handle very worn, plenty of cover dings

February is rolling along
and so are the deals being made in Silvertone World! Nothing going too huge since last we spoke, but a few noteworthy  items appearing; I was amazed at that reallyverynice (and quite rare) mid-50s era 614 going for next to nothing, someone got a good deal on the 1445 Teisco Mosrite look-alike (this one was the first version offered; still fancy with its bound edge, pointy head and script logo), we saw a very nice 1452 setup go for some good bucks, and how about an actual, functional Silvertone tube tester? Cool!

Posted 2/10/08

1446 Harmony HBEG VG $645  Missing pickguard, a few dings/scratches here and there

614 Harmony FTAC w/HSC VG $56  Deco headstock, a few dings, nut chipped, tuners have surface rust; operational

1482 Dano tube amp VG $355 Original speaker, re-capped, NS tubes, 3-prong AC mod, NS xformer, square spkr. cutout

699 Made in Italy F $21 Cracked top, bolt-on neck and the thinner headstock strip decoration , missing pickguard

1482 Dano tube amp VG $283 All stock, a couple of small corner dings, seller is friend of original owner, square spkr. cutout

1445 Teisco MIJ w/OHSC VG $400   Pointy headstock/bound edge (earlier) version, chrome looks great, whammy bar intact, very few finish dings, tuners very shiny, script logo

1481 Dano tube amp VG $134 NS Speaker, NS tubes, a few small cover dings, grille very clean
1483 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet VG $383  Re-capped, NS tubes, ¼ jack mod on amp, speaker cord replaced, 3-prong AC mod, original 15" Jensen speaker, covering tears glued down, amp 'keepers' on cab intact

1454 Harmony HBEG G $382  Missing pickguard, (3) NS knobs, missing (1) switch tip, headstock logo removed, truss rod cover gone
1420 / 1471 Harmony SSEG w/OHSC/ Dano tube amp Sold as a pair G $320  Amp needs (1) tube

612 Harmony FHAC w/OHSC VG $228 Clean, serial #
2165-H-612,  stamped F-62 BB

1405/1410 Teisco MIJ Neck $9 No tuners, string keeper bar present

1255 ukulele w/original box VG $51 Clean, block logo

1211 Harmony(?) FTAC G $35 NS tailpiece , 'block' logo , buckle rash

1448 Dano Tube amp in case only G $214 Edge/corner dings, dime size tear in red fabric, amp works

1485 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet VG $810 All stock, speaker cable repaired, footswitch incl., everything works, a few dings, needs dusting more than anything

1484 Dano tube amp only G $350 NS tubes, DYMO labels on a couple of channels , some tape residue on front panel

1448 Dano SSEG Guitar Only
MOD $276 Sanded down to the the raw Masonite™ , NS bridge , NS knobs, NS tuners, logo obviously missing

1457Dano Tube amp only MOD $104 Original electronics and cabinet, just shortened the case and covered it with woodgrain contact paper

1420 UNK Tube amp P $33 No tubes, no pots, speaker is present , Sears 'XL'

1452 Dano SBEG w/ tube amp in case E $750 Guitar has very minor dings on back, very clean amp and guitar, tremolo works 'great'

1448 Dano SSEG guitar only, G $224 Cracked/dinged headstock

1448 Dano SSEG guitar only, VG $255 , uncommon triangle knob inserts

604 Harmony FTAC w/OHSC G $95 Nasty scratch on lower bout , few dings on back, rusty tuners, stamped 3780H930, S-65

1457 Dano tube amp only F $137 Tubes/footswitch missing , edge scuffs/tears, paint marks
1485 Harmony HBEG w/OHSC VG $831 Nice guitar, clean, no visible issues, 'solid state' amplifier also included
758 Kay Mandolin VG $185 'Venetian' style, very clean, a few small side dings, 'S' pickguard in several pieces , fancy figuring on fingerboard , stamped L 1859 inside
133 Silvertone Tube Tester VG $113 Very cool piece of equipment , still functional

1482 Dano tube amp G $275 Square spkr. cutout, NS tubes, NS spkr., NS footswitch incl., edge dings, damaged/NS handle capture

f you just wait patiently
and keep your ear to the ground, your patience and
perseverance will pay off. That's what happened to the lucky dog that got that 1448 setup for just $250... the seller put a low 'buy it now' price and the buyer knew a toogoodtobetrue deal when they saw one and it was goooodbye ampincase! Surprised at the price of that barebones 1485... and how about former Wailers/Peter Tosh Band guitarist Al Anderson's 1484 signed (and possibly owned) by Peter Frampton? Doubly famous! Also interesting to see two lap steels from the same era, with the same '3-d doodle' fingerboard markers.

Posted 2/6/08

1485 Dano Tube Amp P $205 Chassis only, no tubes, no cabinet
1484 Dano Tube Amp F $178 Missing knob, mod hole, edge tears, Peter Frampton signed , traded in to seller by former Wailers/Peter Tosh guitarist Al Anderson

1310 Valco Lap Steel w/HSC G $228 NS wood pickup cover

1457 Dano SSEG Pickguard $41

1448 Dano SSEG w/ Tube amp in case G $
250 BIN

605 Harmony FTAC P $5
1448 Dano SSEG w/ Tube amp in case G $415 Vinyl ding on lower bout , cord holder still present

1307 Valco Lap Steel w/HSC G $238 NS tuners, NS knobs

627(?) Kay FHAC G $168 NS tuners, NS tailpiece, scratches and dings, thick script logo

After a buzz-buzz-buzz of activity things start to calm down a little today. A couple of not-too-often-seen instruments, the late-era Oscar Schmidt autoharp; complete with a looong electric pickup, and a nice 750 Kay-made mandolin.

Posted 2/5/08

2574 Oscar Schmidt Autoharp w/OHSC VG $163 OS brand AP-442 electric pickup included , cracked string holder cover , all accessories, how to play record, books, cord, block logo

750 Kay Mandolin w/OHSC G $100 Clean, some finish checking, tortoise pickguard, funky deco headstock , light scratches on back

I'd rather bet on the Super Bowl
than 1448 prices... man, what a battle! The winner got out with a $1882 winning bid on an as close as you'll be getting to factory fresh 1448 setup. Another high roller was that Kay-built 'Aristocrat' (as it was listed) 1354 going for an even 1600 bucks (The 1354 auction went awry for several reasons). Along the sidelines today, there's a rare 1449 guitar goin' for a chunk o' change, and we also had a very nice hula-uke; the 852, a 621 going super cheap, a very nice 615 and 619, a good-looking 710, and a re-worked 1483.


Posted 2/4/08

1449 Dano SSEG Guitar only VG $538 Clean guitar, NS tuners

1481 Dano Tube amp VG $203 Square spkr. cutout, a few slight dings, overall very clean, grille sparkles

Harmony FTAC G $79 Clean guitar, some touch-ups on painted binding, spider crack at one pickguard screw , stamped S-66, serial #734H615

1482 Dano Tube Amp Footswitch ACC/G $53 Single switch model

710 Harmony FHAC w/HSC G $130 3 inch crack on lower bout, NS bridge, missing pickguard, some fretboard wear, a finish touch-up in one spot, stamped S-56, deco logo , serial #3367H710

621 Harmony FTAC w/HSC VG $31 Clean, looks good, common bridge split (what is it with these guitars, do the mounting screws eventually, almost inevitably, cause a split?)

619 Kay FHAC w/HSC VG $141 Very clean finish, great color and shine, slight neck body separation, but joint is strong, 'pointy' version of headstock

1448 Dano SSEG w/ Tube amp in case NM $1882 Neck plate, yup... nearly perfect!

1448 Dano SSEG w/ Tube amp in case VG $497 Headstock dings, a few tears on case covering

1471 Dano Tube amp VG $135 Slight dent in grille, some fading of grille, leather (NS?) handle, covering looks great, stock knobs

852 ukulele w/HSC VG $260 Screen print looks great, some re-gluing of top, very light scratches on lower bout and headstock, case by Geib

1413/17 DeArmond Pickup F $61 Arrow screen print still visible, 6.5" lead, dated June 24,1966, reads 5.72 K ohms

1410 Teisco MIJ VG $105 Very clean, all stock, a few light scratches/dings

1483 Dano Tube amp w/ cabinet G/MOD $399 Completely rebuilt/electrically modified circuitry for tone changes, cab looks ok , some wear and tear/one full strand of weave missing from grille , amp looks better

1354 Kay HBEG VG $1600 NS Tuners, crest on pickguard, headstock , fancy fingerboard inlays

Pretty intense action
right out of the gate for this month! Not a lot of big money, but a boatload of guitars and amps already! Nice price for that re-covered 1434 'Medalist,' you really don't see a lot of the high end of this series, so reupholstered or not, it's a good find. I had to double-check that $400 price for a really very clean 1448 setup... didn't we just see one go for almost 1600 bucks? Granted that one was 'near mint,' but wow... Check out the double-pickguarded cheapo pickup whack-mod someone did to that 40s era model... a shame, really... Super clean 1415 'Dolphin nose' with a nice provenance.

Posted 2/3/08

1483 Dano tube amp only $214 Blows fuses after 10 seconds, cosmetically G

1482 Dano Tube Amp E $351 Square spkr. cutout, very clean wearwise (could use a good dusting), pots 'scratchy,' tremolo works, footswitch is a trem/reverb so not original to the unit

14XX Logoplate VG $20 Seller states this one came from a 1481... not so sure... maybe a 1471...

1457 Dano SSEG Guitar only MOD $350 Headstock/neck painted red, pickup holes widened for humbuckers but  NS lipstick tubes installed, NS tuners, wear on left bout

1484 Dano Tube amp only G $264 Clean, NS xformer, new caps, no reverb, trem works

1434 Dano Tube amp G/MOD $445 'Medalist' model, re-covered in cream , NS tiltbacks and bottom glides, ch. 2 has some 'breakup' issues

1464 Dano Solid State amp only G $72 Trem/reverb functional, corner/edge wear, covering clean otherwise, 3-prong AC mod

1449 Dano Tube ampincase amp/case only F $180 No speaker , amp functional, dings/edge wear, footswitch incl., rusty clasps

615 Harmony FTAC VG $129 Clean, no cracks, all stock, action set high, serial #

1240 Kay FHAC w/OHSC VG $126 Very clean, all stock, a few scuffs/dings, bolt on neck!

UNK  FHAC MOD $138 Seller rates 'unplayable,' rusty tailpiece warped fretboard, worn frets, NS tuners, NS pickguard/pickup , 7707-6891 stamped inside

623 Harmony FHAC VG $148 Clean, sellers says 'plays well,' stamped F-60. serial #271H623

1448 Dano SSEG Guitar only VG $238 Clean, headstock v. clean (!), 'buckle rash,' light scuffing, possible NS saddle

1448 Dano SSEG w/ Tube amp in case VG $400 Clean, no issues, some light scratches on amp face

UNK FHAC MOD $105 Hard to convey the mod on this with my usual small pic ,crest headstock

1481 Dano tube amp VG $220 Square spkr. cutout, Clean, no issues

660 Kay Classical G $36 Green soundhole trim, Clean, a few light scratches/dings, L7847 stamped inside

1230 Classical G $40 Bridge is bowed slightly

1484 Dano tube amp w/cabinet G $445 Rev/trem functional, speakers blown, nicks/edge wear, grille clean

625 Harmony FTAC
F $57 Action high, seller states 'unplayable,' a few scratches, F-61 stamped inside

1415 Dano SSEG VG $535 round access hole, ,
Serial number 5291 indicating it was made the 52nd (last) week of 1961, child of original owner

1212 Harmony FTAC G $95
Clean, F-70 stamped inside

1452 Dano amp in case only VG $230 Clean, lid-mounted blue-label Jensen , no grille bezel, stock Silvertone tubes

1448 Dano SSEG w/ Tube amp in case VG $600 BIN Looks good, a few dings on ampcase,  mark on side vinyl

UNK Harmony FHAC G $52 Deco headstock cracked all the way across; repaired ,  stamped S-56, child of original owner

February already? Man, I just packed up my tree!
Anyway, it was quite a January for this year of 2008. Let's see... by my reckoning, a whopping $64,478 traded hands for the 225 Silvertone items reviewed on these pages in January! Six items traded at over $1000 - the top money maker was a lovely
Kay-built 1372 with a non-stock Bigsby installed that went for $1677, and second place was a near mint 1448 setup that went for $1575! The item that brought the least money was a harmonica that traded for $7. Twenty-one 1448 guitars, amps or both changed owners, as did thirteen 1457s, twelve 1484s, twelve 1482s, and seven 1481s! A change or two on these price pages: we'll archive/link monthly, and I'll include a Silvertone World page link to items that I've got catalogued on the site. Soooo...
Let's get going with the the first items for February!


Posted 2/1/08

1413 Teisco MIJ SBEG VG $154 Very clean, whammy intact, 'Space Dot' logo

1448 Dano SSEG Guitar only VG $310 Clean guitar, completely 'freshened up' by the seller: setup intonation, cleaned/greased tuners, steel-wooled/oiled fretboard, cleaned and re-shielded pots/output jack
1484 Dano Tube amp & cabinet Cosmetically Cabinet:F Amp:G $320 Amp untested, stock speakers , wear/tear on bottom and top front corner of cabinet, water damage to speaker baffle

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