Abbreviations: M-int, NM - Near Mint, E- Excellent, VG- Very Good, G- Good , F-air, P-Poor, NS- Non-Stock, HBEG- Hollow Body Electric, FHAC- F-Hole Acoustic, FTAC- Flat-Top Acoustic, SBEG- Solid Body Electric, SSEG- Semi-Sold Electric, MIJ- Made In Japan, MOD - Modified significantly from stock, w/ O/C Original / Case, BIN- Auction ended at 'Buy It Now' price, BO- Auction ended at 'Best Offer' price, UNK - Unknown manufacturer or model number, ACC - accessory. ALL RATINGS SUBJECTIVE.
Unless otherwise noted, I'm rating them by what I see in the pictures and read in the description.

Links in blue will open in a new window.


Kind of a slow end to April... we'll total up the numbers tonight and try to have a nice "State of the World Economy" (Silvertone World, that is) report for you tomorrow. May already? Check out that 656, a rare guitar. Brought some good money, too.

656 Kay FHAC VG $191 Clean, 'wind chime' logo, light playing wear, rusty tailpiece, missing pickguard

1340 Valco tube amp VG $158 Edge and corner wear, a few screws missing, schematic/parts list in good shape, slight hum at rest, grille logo faded, red 'chicken head'

1455 Teisco MIJ HBEG G $260  Whammy missing, light wear, finish checking, some corrosion to lead pickup chrome

615 Harmony FTAC VG $35 BIN  Very clean, light edge wear... our only 615 this month?

1448 Dano  SSEG guitar and tube amp in case G $575 Logo removed, part of pickguard cut off , fingernail polish customization near bottom, also holes or something below bridge , sidewalls clean, case has edge and corner wear, some grille staining, original schematic/manual incl., amusingly mis-ID'd as a 1951 vintage

1423 Harmony SSEG w/ OC VG $520 Clean, minimal wear, metal logo intact, NS Gotoh tuners

661 Kay Tenor 4-string FTAC w/ C F $199 BIN Edge wear, scratches, dings all over, bridge lifting, heel starting to separate, stamped L 4?88

853 Ukulele w/ OC VG $104  Clean, minimal wear
1444 Dano SSEG Bass VG $457 Clean, finish flaking at headstock , pots date to late 1965, logo intact, chrome shiny, access panel looks like a mirror! In storage since 1970s.


I was getting bummed at the low volume of auctions... then I remembered "It's Wednesday!"

1420 Harmony HBEG w/ C VG $393 BIN  Very clean, minimal wear, comes with original cord, instruction sheet and receipt

1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet G $325 BIN Edge/corner wear to amp and cab, (1) NS knob, speakers re-coned, speakers/xformers have light rust, amp and cab have a reddish paint overspray (intentional?)

1478 Harmony SBEG w/ C VG $356 Clean, light wear, whammy missing, (2) tuner ferrules missing
1422 Sear tube amp G $213 Edge wear, grille has some snags, light rust to all exposed metal, back panel missing

1391 Dano tube amp VG $280 BIN Clean, minimal wear, one knob missing, 1.5" scratch on back panel, seller is grandson of original owner


Well, it's not really a Silvertone, but it is certainly a one-of-a-kind tribute. Aside from the Telestar guitars, I'd never seen a Silvertone copy before this homemade twanger. Taking some liberties with the pickguard shape and the knobs, but otherwise getting the vibe of a 1457 down pretty well, I'd say... even took the time to get the swoop on the homemade headstock right. It sold for nothing, of course, and the buyer will have to supply some parts to get it going, but it's certainly a unique inductee to Silvertone World.

And, yeah, it's left handed, too!

1457 copy $53 No pickups, no bridge, no tuners

853 Ukulele VG $78  Clean, light scratching, NOS "Senorita" strings incl.
1334 Dano tube amp VG $492 Very clean inside and out, covering looks great, very light corner wear, original bare wood footswitch incl.

1481 Dano tube amp VG $181Square spkr. cutout, very clean, knobs discolored, light rust to handle captures

4707 UNK Organ Tube Amp only $52 No cabinet, lights up; otherwise untested
26932 Teisco MIJ SBEG w/ C VG $178 This is the same as the 1445, but sold in Canada under a different model #. Clean, block logo , whammy bar present
1452 Dano SBEG guitar only VG $332   Tortoise pickguard, some edge wear, buckle rash, whammy bar and back spring cover present, NS knobs, scratches under bridge
1423 Harmony SSEG w/ C VG $449 BIN Clean, minimal wear, metal logo intact, NS Schaller tuners, neck playing wear at top treble side , some light finish flaking on back bottom edge, pickups dated  Nov 13 1962`
1457 Dano SSEG with tube amp in case G $350 BO Neck bowed (!), edge wear/scratches all over, strap button moved from neck heel to bass side horn, amp has corner/edge wear, scratchy pots, blown NS speaker, name written inside case


Put that Bedazzler down! Well, it was a "Be-riveter"... but you get the idea. That's the strangest of our "Mod Squad" from this weekend's auctions; the other is that purple/gold spray painted 1448. Not a bad haul otherwise for the weekend, check out that worse-for-wear 1359, also a rare 702, and we haven't seen a 'Venetian' mandolin in a while.

1444 Dano SSEG Bass w/ C MOD/G $236 Scratches to back, and underneath applied decal with random words and images (including P-Funk's Bootsy Collins), edge and top have been 'riveted', pots date to 31st wk. of 1964, swoop neck, aluminum access panel, NS saddle, looks like the taipliece was drilled

1448 Dano  SSEG guitar and tube amp in case G/MOD $190 Guitar's purple/gold 'refinish' beginning to wear off, strip tuners, (1)NS knob, other knob missing insert, case looks good, triangle knob insert, there's no view of the back of the guitar, but it's probably a transitional 2-bolt neck model

604 Harmony FTAC F $5 Plenty of wear, bridge and nut missing

604 Harmony FTAC G $35 Plenty of scratches/edge wear, serial # 769H604

1472 Dano tube amp G $231 Round spkr. cutout, light edge & corner wear, trem works, footswitch incl.,  red border control panel w/ 'tremolo' spelled correctly , back panel missing
1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet G $306 Amp head clean, cabinet very worn; covering missing, edge/corner wear, sticker residue

605 Harmony FTAC F $15 Seller claims guitar is 'loosening,' bridge missing, some wear to back
1391 Dano tube amp VG $286 Clean, minimal wear

1476 Harmony SBEG VG $226   Minimal wear, (2) tuner ferrules missing

1448 ampincase only / 1477 Harmony SBEG  $239 Guitar looks good with some edge wear and scratching, case has some rips, corner wear, edge wear

1448 Dano  SSEG guitar only G $257 Discolored/worn knob inserts, Silvertone name removed, some edge wear, pickguard has a few nicks

710 Harmony FHAC w/ OC G $250 Clean, minimal wear bridge collapsed , stamped F- 54 T, serial # 3289H710

1359 Dano SSEG w/ OC G $810 Wear at neck cutaway, covering torn on bass side lower bout, playing wear to neck,

UNK Kay FHAC G $265 Clean, stamped L9193, bridge and nut loose/incl.
1352 Harmony HBEG w/ C G $355 Clean, some wear, 'P' series pickup, pickguard cracked/repaired, deco headstock
1420 Harmony neck only $75 BIN Edge and playing wear, tuners present, missing (1) ferrule, no nut
702 Harmony FHAC F $144 Edge wear, surface scarped, binding cracked/missing in places, 'wind chime' headstock

1476 Harmony SBEG VG $180   Edge wear, one knob missing, chrome shiny, nut yellowed
758 Kay 'Venetian' Mandolin w/ OC G $49 Finish flaking, edge/head wear, pickguard cracked, relocated strap button
1448 Dano  SSEG guitar body only $160 BIN Missing (1) knob, pickup, bridge/saddle, neck screws incl.
UNK UNK tube amp G $50  Grille looks good, NS handle, (1) NS knob, functional


An very rare find from Harmony, and my favorite Dano wrapping up this workweek's auctions. First, check out that ultra-rare Harmony-made 608, the predecessor to the super-popular, decades-long running 600 series. What a beautiful guitar: very Gibson "Jumbo" looking (much like the Kay-made 618 and 620), and a cool black pickguard. Went for nothing. Then, a clean 1451 going for a good bit of scratch, even without its companion amp in case.

608 Harmony FTAC VG $153 A few surface dings, stamped S-47, serial #2129H608

1451 Dano SBEG guitar only w/ C VG $628 Clean, surface scratches, some light dings along bottom edge, knob inserts discolored, NS strap buttons, possible cracked/repaired headstock

1457 Dano SSEG with tube amp in case VG $510 Clean, minimal wear to guitar and ampcase, recently serviced

1431 Dano tube amp G $111 BIN Edge wear, scribbles on back panel, grille stains, handle very worn, amp chassis and knobs look great, 3-prong AC mod

1478 Harmony SBEG G $299 Scratches, edge wear, whammy missing, (5) tuner ferrules missing
1481 Dano tube amp MOD $250 BIN Relocated into modern speaker cabinet, Jensen 12" speaker

1484 Dano tube amp only VG $243 Clean, minimal wear, front face bright, a few stains on top, rubber grommet at NS 3-prong AC cord is missing, some tape residue on back, light rust to handle captures, term works, reverb weak, no footswitch

1373 Dano hard case only $30 Edge/corner wear, taped handle. Rare case for a rare guitar, the other 13XX guitars of the same period had an individually available case (model #733), but the 1373 case came included in the price.


I was watching "The Chris Isaak Hour" on my TIVO last night... ya know, he's got a half-dozen or more guitars on the wall behind him on the set, and not one of them is a Silvertone! What's up with that? You'd think he'd be proud to hang at least the guitar that has somehow come to inherit his name as its nickname... anybody got Chris's phone number?

The set The Star & the Guitar

1446 Harmony HBEG w/ OC VG $1000 BO Very clean, Bigsby intact, metal logo intact

1431 Dano tube amp VG $319 BIN Very clean, re-capped, 3-prong AC mod

1487 Teisco MIJ SBEG with amp on board G $168 Amp non functional, edge wear/dings, sticker nearly gone, oval logo tag missing, battery cover missing, battery leads have no 9V clip, NS tuners, head logo is strong, headstock crack?

1481 Dano tube amp G $250 BIN Round spkr. cutout, some edge wear, discolored knob inserts, some grille discoloring, back panel in place, previously owned by someone ashamed of the Silvertone name

1421 Sears tube amp G $150 BO Clean, light edge wear, grille has some snags, no footswitch, looks like back panel was cut for cord storage


The usual Wednesday of slackness in Silvertone World, so let me wish everyone a Happy Earth Day. I'm old enough to remember the first one back in 1970... I guess I was in 3rd grade, our Weekly Reader had all kinds of stuff in it, and I remember owning a three ring binder with the 'eco-flag' on it, remember that?
1448 Dano  tube amp in case only F $128 Rough; edge wear, cover tears, speaker missing,  amp untested, lining and amp chassis look good, latches/hinges sound

1250 Banjo G $150  5-string w/ resonator, clean, head has both sides broken/repaired , resonator has a small scratch on bottom

1471 Dano tube amp G $76  Round spkr. cutout, covering is worn, volume pot scratchy, NS tubes, power cord has been spliced, back panel missing, grille discolored w/ a couple of small snags

1481 Dano tube amp VG $124 Square spkr. cutout, covering cut on one corner , some paint smudges on the side, mostly clean, knobs inserts bright, back panel missing, grille looks great, logoplate and handle captures shiny, NS tubes


A couple of seldom seen acoustics
today, and a maximumly modified 1485

1245 Kay FHAC VG $150 Clean, 3-bolt neck

1227 Harmony FTAC 12-string G $81  Edge wear, scratches on back, 'Space Dot' logo, so it's a Spring '71 or later guitar

1485 Dano Tube Amp only MOD/VG $453 Very clean, stereo output jack mod on back (and, I assume, stereo mods to the amp), NS tubes

660 Kay Classical G $25 Neck wear, dings on back
1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet MOD/VG $475 Very clean, NS speakers, rev non-functional, trem works, no footswitch, coupla small holes drilled in the cab head for some (since removed) output jacks, 1/4" output jack to back of head and cabinet, 3-prong AC mod, blue replacement pilot light

1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet VG $550 Clean, light edge wear, stock, footswitch incl.

1448 Dano  SSEG guitar and tube amp in case G $325 Guitar has edge wear, some light scratching, discolored knob inserts, amp is solid, light wear to covering and amp chassis


Another big weekend here in Silvertone World, nothing really astonishing this weekend... that 1352 is pretty nice, and that 1207 is pretty freaky... I was surprised at the low price that nice 1440 went for, but all in all, just a good solid weekend of selling.

1352 Harmony HBEG w/ C VG $530 Clean, minimal wear, 'P' series pickup, stamped 3925H61 (H60 was the Harmony equivalent model, dunno why these are stamped 61)

1207 Harmony FTAC MOD $66 Funny this one should come up today... Hippy-trippy paintjob, some kinda weird poem on back, spacey handprints galore

1440 Teisco MIJ SBEG VG $178  Clean, minimal wear, whammy bar missing, logo intact

1210 Harmony FTAC F $50   Clean, light wear, light rust to tuners
1251 Banjo G $50  Clean, 4-string , no resonator , light rust to hardware, capo incl.
2574 Oscar Schmidt Autoharp G $75   Clean, strap added, no case, no accessories
802 Banjo w/ C VG $108 5-string w/ resonator, very  clean
1481 Dano tube amp G $108 Square spkr. cutout, some wear, knob inserts discolored, back panel in place

UNK UNK FHAC G $149 Some scratches/crazing, pickguard missing, neck playing wear, light rust to tuners/tailpiece, NS compensated bridge, NS pickup added
1476 Harmony SBEG $59  Body, neck, NS tuners only, logo survivewd the flat refinish
604 Harmony FTAC VG $123 Clean, minimal wear, found in original box, 1.5" surface scratch on front

1448 Dano  SSEG guitar only $125 BIN Unassembled, refinished gloss black, re-issue pickup incl., you put it all together

1838 Oscar Schmidt Autoharp w/ OC VG $56 Clean, all accessories incl., check out the tuning key , four loose pads, handle captures and latches have light surface rust
1481 Dano tube amp VG $203 Round spkr. cutout, very clean, pre-amp "bypass cap" mod, line-out mod
1423 Harmony SSEG VG $505 Dirty (looks like long-term storage grunge), minimal wear, metal logo intact,

1455 Teisco MIJ HBEG VG $300 BIN   Whammy present, minimal wear
1448 Dano  SSEG guitar and tube amp in case VG $450 Guitar and amp very clean, minimal wear, speaker missing from ampcase, amp tested functional

Dano Footswitch $93
1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet P $108 Died after last servicing, painted black, faceplate looks good, NS handle, 1/4" jack mod to cabinet & amp, tubes missing, grille cloth gone, NS amp keepers Relisted
1445  Teisco SBEG  VG $193 Clean, minimal wear, whammy missing, logo intact, bridge cover in place, NS nut

1214 Harmony FTAC w/ OC VG $46  Minimal wear, some dings on back, tuners sticky

1315 Harmopny Lap Steel w/ OC VG $278 Clean, minimal wear, tailpiece cover present, hardwired cable present

1391 Dano tube amp G $185 Some edge wear, handle worn, logoplate intact, back panel missing, tone knob missing, 3-prong AC mod

4600 Sears 45 RPM record VG $8 Don Rainey's "Read Listen Learn" method, which was included with most Silvertone guitars, vinyl shiny, paper sleeve shows some fading/creasing, print clear, chart included. Relisted from March

1457 Dano SSEG with tube amp in case VG $450 Clean, minimal wear to guitar and ampcase, latches iffy on ampcase

1482 Dano tube amp G $256 Square speaker cutout, panel lamp mod , all new tubes, trem functional, 3-prong AC mod

1333 Dano Tube amp P/MOD $71 Case in rough shape, logoplate missing, amp currently non-functional, NS speaker, preamp tubes have been changed from 8 to 9-pin sockets, (2) pots missing, (2) jacks missing, back panel missing

1483 Dano tube amp only VG/MOD $361 Clean amp face, covering has some wear and has been painted black, re-capped (originals incl.), 1/4" jack mod,  3-prong AC mod; ground switch by-passed

1448 Dano  SSEG guitar and tube amp in case G $332 Guitar is clean, minimal wear, late model transitional with line insert knobs, wide attach pier, three bolt neck, strip tuners, ampcase has some wear/dings, speaker crackles on low frequencies

1477 Harmony SBEG VG $390 BO Clean, some headstock edge wear
1425 Kay HBEG G $327 Clean, a few light scratches, missing pickguard, NS metal bridge , serial #
L1014 8999, stamped P-4
1483 Dano tube amp and speaker cabinet VG $283 Amp very clean, minimal wear, amp has a hum, stock Jensen speaker sounds poor; probably needs replacing/reconing, grille has some staining


You know, we see a lot of the same things every day going for sale on ebay, and that's a good thing. I mean, years ago, when I first started collecting, you scoured the pawn shops and the thrift stores and the 'trading post' papers, and the classifieds... hoping to find the word Silvertone on something. Now, it's just a click away for more common items like a 1448 ampincase or a Harmony-built 14XX solidbody series or a nice 600 series acoustic or one of many f-hole archtops. The prices vary according to whose in the bidding mix at the time (did you see that 1485 go for $1600+ yesterday?!?!?), and sometimes super rare items go for nothing. But no matter what, it seems, every few days something comes along that makes you sit up and smile. Like this great 1449 setup, and right after that, an apparently completely re-built 605-ish model. I love living in Silvertone World!

1449 Dano  SSEG guitar and tube amp in case E $527 Cleanest 1449 setup I've seen, minimal wear, clean sidewalls, string keeper still in place, screws shiny. The only flaw with the guitar are a split rhythm pickup, and a hairline shrinkage crack on the headstock. The amp looks great, cord keeper still in place, amp chassis clean, speaker spider clean, original cord incl.

605 (Sorta) Harmony FTAC w/ C MOD $80 Clean, completely re-topped with a pin-style bridge, Harmony 'Stella' style stripe orientation on back, NS tuners... the only actual Silvertone part may be the neck/head, inside body stamped ?-55

1455 Teisco MIJ HBEG VG $158   Whammy present, minimal wear
1477 Harmony SBEG VG $200 BIN Clean, some finish chipping on bottom edge, whammy present
1432 Dano tube amp G $207 Simpson-Sears, sold in Canada, grille has staining, back panel has two extra holes drilled, Silvertone logo and info worn away/removed, edge wear, worn handle, tremolo tube missing, flying V logo intact

Dano SSEG VG $250 BIN Clean, shiny finish, strong logo, natural headstock

1484 Dano tube amp only VG $228 Clean, recently check out by amp tech; given thumbs up, no footswitch

1448 Dano  SSEG guitar and tube amp in case G $260 Clean, minimal wear, still has cord retainer, amp has slight edge wear, and a stain on one corner of grille, looks like mold or mold residue in un-felted area of ampcase. Transitional setup; guitar has strip tuners and triangle knob inserts, but a three bolt neck and wide attach pier, amp has line insert knob


Does Jack White get some kind of ebay royalty? Just kidding, but his influence has certainly 'jacked' the price of 1484s and 1485s on ebay the past coupla years. This first auction up today is the highest I've seen a 1485 go for. Ever.

1485 Dano Tube Amp w/ speaker cabinet VG $1602 Covering looks good, dusty inside the amp and speaker cabinets, All systems are go for this most powerful of all Silvertone amps, casters present, footswitch included

1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet VG $584 Clean, fuse blew at power-on, 1/4" jack mod, footswitch incl., amp keepers, cloth cord keepers in place

1443 Dano SBEG Bass G $566  Plenty of edge wear/finish checking, all knobs and switch tip missing, small crack at bottom treble side of neck, some oxidation on tailpiece cover and triangle neck plate, logo painted over (oh, the shame!)


Check it out in operation

1478 Harmony SBEG F $162 BIN  Scratches, edge wear, rust on all metal, logo nearly worn away, (1) knob missing, chip on corner of pickguard, fret block closest to the neck missing, high E shaft missing

Dano bridge $18 Saddle screw incl.
1457 Dano SSEG with tube amp in case F $364 Plenty of edge wear/scratches to guitar, NS saddle, 2" x1" ding on back,  big scratch where strings hook into saddle , amp looks great
1431 Dano tube amp G $134 Clean, NS handle, grille strains

1481 Dano tube amp G $240 Square spkr. cutout, some wear, NS fuse holder

1482 Dano tube amp G $250 BIN Square speaker cutout, very clean, back panel missing, no footswitch


Wednesdays are turning out to be slack auction days... at least we got a coupla pretty guitars to look at...

1371 Kay HBEG E $400 BIN Cleanest I've seen, minimal wear, just a couple of light flakes of the headstock, possible NS repro pickguard

1413 Kay SBEG VG $280 Minimal wear, rare 'paddle-head,' bridge and mounting posts missing, screenprint on tailpiece and pickups looks good, (2) tuners missing button; NS tuners incl.

641 Harmony FTAC F $31  Clean, top is warped; apparently a common problem on this model, rust on tuners

1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet G $450 Edge/corner wear, NS tubes, trem/rev work, no footswitch


Haven't seen a 'Thin Twin' since last month. Of course, these guitars are the prettier cousin to the actual Kay Thin Twin; I just think they are more attractive than the tortoise-shell pickguarded K-161, but that's just me.

1381 Kay HBEG w/ OC G $688 Finish flaking/scratches all over, pickguard looks clean, neck's got some playing wear

1423 Harmony SSEG F $250 BIN NS clear control cavity cover/pickguard , NS tuners poorly installed , NS knobs, scratches all over, truss rod cover missing, screenprint logo intact, headstock broken/repaired, and you have to admire the insane genius of a bridge saddle made from a threaded steel rod


Some nice finds, and one ornery weirdo from this weekends completed auctions. First up are those two nice late 50s 'C' type body shape Danos, one nice and stock, the other has been 'Frankentoned' with a Harmony neck! OK, the 1850 'Electroharp' with amp built into the case... check... the unusual 'Guitaro' available right after that in the mid-60s.... check... what looks to be a run-of-the-mill block logo'd last of its kind 2574 with an added electric pickup unit.... can't find it in any of my catalogs, but here's one that sold yesterday!

1359 Dano SSEG w/ C VG $500 Clean, NS access panel, NS saddle, pull-out damage at jack, bottom strap button missing

13XX Dano SSEG w/ C MOD $250 BIN Refinished in white all over, 'C' type single pickup body paired with a 60s era Harmony neck, pot codes date to 1957

2574 Oscar Schmidt Autoharp w/ OC VG $155  Clean, a few back scratches, recently re-strung (that's worth a good bit of $$$ right there), strap buttons added on back, tuning wrench, electric pickup incl.

1446 Harmony HBEG MOD $590 BIN Pickguard missing, 'upgraded' to GFS pickups, NS Grover tuners, NS knobs, NS selector switch tip, screenprint script logo intact

1448 Dano  SSEG guitar and tube amp in case VG $405 Cleam, minimal wear to guitar and ampcase, guitar knob inserts worn

1483 Dano tube amp only VG $346 Face plate has rust 'dots' ,  all stock tubes, covering shows minimal wear

1448 Dano  tube amp in case only G $260 1457 amp installed in 1448 case. Guitar has significant edge wear/ neck wear, finish dull, exposed metal rusty, discolored knob inserts on amp, NS knobs on guitar

1481 Dano tube amp G $183 Square spkr. cutout, very clean, back panel has a 2"cut, and a 1/4" spkr. jack mod, NS speaker, 3-prong AC mod

1484 Dano tube amp only VG $325 BIN Clean, light oxidation to front panel, covering has minimal wear, trem/rev work, NS power tubes, missing 12AX7 cover

1448 Dano  tube amp in case only VG $173 NS speaker, grille has light discoloration

1448 Dano  SSEG guitar and tube amp in case G $305 Clean, light wear to guitar, a 2" crack on bass side top glued up ,  a few scrapes to ampcase, transitional; strip tuners and triangle knob inserts, but a three bolt neck and wide attach pier

UNK Kay FHAC G $77 Edge wear/scratches, stamped N-11
1327/1421 Harmony SSEG VG $208 Stamped ??-59 HB, early enough to have actually been a 1327, clean, some edge/headstock wear, low output from both pickups

1429 Harmony HBEG w/ C  VG $485 Clean, minimal wear, logo all but worn away,

604 Harmony FTAC w/ C VG $75 Clean, minimal wear, dent in neck ,  serial # ?344H604
658 Kay FHAC w/ OC G $546 Pre-66, pickguard present, NS compensated bridge , surface wear and scratches, logo lightly worn, stamped N-3

1482 Dano tube amp $385 Square speaker cutout, very clean, no footswitch

1423 Harmony SSEG G $282 NS tuners, buckle rash on back, crack at jack, looks good otherwise

1484 Dano tube amp transformer only $29 Very
1838 Oscar Schmidt Autoharp w/ OC VG $67   Minimal wear, book, tuning wrench, picks incl.
1240 Kay FHAC w / C VG $178 Clean, minimal wear, three bolt neck
1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet E $910 Very clean, everything looks great, amp was covered when not in use

657 Harmony Classical w/ OC G $30 Some surface wear, big crack on bass bout near neck


Well, alright! A little uptick in the auction action as we clear the boards from yesterday. A nice 1445, a rare red 1413, and a strangely high dollar 1485 going on the block. Could it be these amps are heating up now?

1445  Teisco SBEG w/ C VG $890 BIN Clean, minimal wear, whammy present, logo intact, check out the grain on the back!

1413 Kay SBEG w/ OC VG $210 Minimal wear, rare red finish, some chrome wear to tailpiece, screenprint 'arrow' design still strong on pickups

1471 and 1481 Dano tube amps $153 1481: Round speaker cutout, minimal wear, amp lights up but no sound, 1471: amp and logoplate only; no cabinet; lights up but otherwise untested

1485 Dano Tube Amp w/ speaker cabinet VG $1237 Non-functional; at least (1) 6L6 burnt out, knobs have a chip or two, DYMO label on front face, scuffs to back chassis panel, casters in place on cab, trem/rev worked when the amp worked, no footswitch

2574 Oscar Schmidt Autoharp w/ OC VG $76 Clean, rarely played, seller is family of original owner, book, tuning wrench, picks incl.

1457 Dano SSEG pickguard only $30 Clean
856 Baritone Ukulele VG $123 Clean
604 Harmony FTAC w/ C VG $48 Clean, minimal wear


The pre-holiday/spring break slowdown continues...

1352 Harmony HBEG w/ C G $343 Looks good in the one photo . Sell claims 'pristine,' but it's hard to tell...
1214 Harmony FTAC w/ OC VG $100  Minimal wear, repaired crack at neck/body area serial #3750S1214, cool grain on the back

1311/1442 Valco Lap Steel w/ OC VG $185 Clean, in storage 20 years,
slide incl., Serial No. T39273


Mid-week doldrums, it seems, as we only have a few items off the block for today.

1485 Dano Tube Amp head only $242 Sold as 'project:' all tubes missing, pilot light gone, (1) xformer burnt out, xformers rusty, fuse gone, wear and tear to cover

1423 Harmony SSEG w/ OC VG $499 BIN Very clean, minimal wear, metal logo shiny & intact, all knobs present

1206 Harmony FTAC G $41 Edge wear, missing pickguard, logo worn
1484 Speaker cabinet only $55 No speakers, edge wear, amp keepers and cloth cord keepers still there, handle present

1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet VG $255 Clean, rev doesn't work, pilot light out, (1) NS speaker, some wear to cab edges, brass corners added to amp head and cabinet , 1/4"plug added to speaker lead. 1/4" jack mod to amp head

1391 Dano tube amp MOD $154 Rough shape, edge wear, dings, tears, brass logoplate tarnished, handle gone (captures still there), extra speaker added to the back panel


I wish I knew more about the history of the relationship between Sears and EKO. We've seen a few of these 699 and 698 models pop up lately, and this 699 that went for a song today is definitely the prettiest one of these I've seen; one tuning button broken off, otherwise mighty nice. I don't know if you can see it, but the back is actually arched. Check out the unique, kinda funky but totally cool pickguard, the treble clef design pressed into the tuner covers, a crafty, sharp bridge, that uniquely-fonted 'Silvertone' logo, the model clearly stamped inside, and... those aren't dings in the top... that's the grain... looks like bird's eye maple!

699 EKO FTAC VG $130 Very clean, minimal wear, finish glossy, (1) tuner button missing

1319 Dano SSEG w/ OC G $725 BIN Some edge wear, a few small dings, string scratches on headstock, sidewall rip upper bass bout, NS bone nut, serial dates to a 1957 build... yep, we gotta see it:

1226 Harmony FTAC 12-string G $51 Edge wear, block logo worn , pickguard missing, taipliece shiny, Coast Guard sticker on lower treble bout, flower sticker on back, slight neck separation, stamped S-69. This model was the last of the 12-strings to bear the Silvertone name, the model # changed to 1227 in the S/S '70 catalog, and the logo changed to the 'Space Dot.'

Here's a pretty little pair... hey, what's that printout laying on the floor between them? Why, it's a printout of a 1421 ad from! Smart seller!

1421 Harmony SSEG w/ OC and 1481 Dano tube amp Both VG $699 BIN Clean setup, both date to 1963, guitar shows minimal wear, amp has round spkr. cutout, back panel in place, grille looks great

2574 Oscar Schmidt Autoharp VG $125 Clean, three small colored stickers on 3 keys, tuning wrench and picks incl.

A curiosity: nothing more than that, really, but it's a fun thought experiment. The ukulele is marked on back of the headstock as a model 854, but comes in a 1255 box. Now, assuming that it is the original box, that means this uke was sold right on the changeover from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter 1968 catalog border. All acoustic instruments received an 'upgrade' to their part numbers in the Fall/Winter 1968 catalog, this ukulele included. It went from being a mild-mannered 854 to being a four-digit 1255.

854/1255 Harmony Ukulele E $42 Clean, minimal wear, Sing N Strum Method and song folio incl.

1371 Kay HBEG VG $450 BIN Clean, minimal wear, NS bridge, seller mis-ID'd it as a 1452

1448 Dano  SSEG guitar and tube amp in case G $280 Some edge wear,  pickup split on treble side , ampcase front painted silver,  this is an earlier two-bolt, triangle knob insert, narrow neck 'pier,' strip tuner setup, 'Castaways' painted on front face with glue and glitter
1452 Dano SBEG guitar only G $400   Edge wear/dings, whammy bar and back spring cover present, CTS pots date to late 1965

1202 Harmony FTAC G $11  Edge wear, a couple of cracks, stamped S-68

853 Ukulele VG $53  Clean, two small cracks on back


"Hey, we're comin' in loaded..."
That's what Elvis and his crew sang in the movie "Girls! Girls! Girls!" as they were bringing in a boat full of shrimp back to port, and that's what I thought about when I saw what was in the nets for this weekend's haul. Wow! A rare 712 and a 710, some nice Dano action, a slider-controlled 1461, and a nice blood-red 1437  are among today's goodies.

712 Kay FHAC VG $247 Clean, minimal wear, pickguard missing, seller has owned it the past 30 years

1415 Dano SSEG VG $420 BO Clean, original gig bag incl.,
CTS pot codes date to 42nd week of 1961 (1376142)

1461 Teisco MIJ HBEG VG $180 BO Clean, whammy present, 'space dot' logo, some binding lift on back, light buckle rash, (1) NS slider cap, TN driver's license # and initials scratched on back, stamped F-71

710 Harmony FHAC VG $345 Clean, minimal wear, 8" crack on back, stamped F-57, serial 4050H710

1437 Teisco MIJ SBEG w/ C VG $400 BIN Let's call it maroon, clean, an few dings/scratches, tailpiece and whammy bar missing, screened logo, NS slot-shaft Fender tuners

UNK UNK FHAC G $125 Edge wear, some finish flaking, pickguard missing, unique logo

1446 Harmony HBEG G $525 Edge wear, side finish flaking, metal logo intact, output jack moved to front of guitar , strap button relocated to one of the Bigsby anchor screw holes

1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet VG $390 Clean, low hum, no footswitch, 1/4" jack mod on back speaker panel

1435 Teisco MIJ w/ OC VG $172 Clean, some dings/scratches, whammy missing, scratchy pots, plastic tag logo, serial #267666

1482 Dano tube amp $400 BIN Square speaker cutout, clean, NS speaker, NS back panel, no footswitch, NS wood baffle, recently serviced, copy of manual/schematic incl.

2574 Oscar Schmidt Autoharp VG $114 Very clean, all accessories, book and Mother Maybelle record incl.
Dano SSEG body only $100 Poor baby... extra pickup hole poorly routed, extra control holes drilled randomly, finish stripped, no bridge, access panel missing, pots date to 1959

805 Banjo G $100  5-string, missing 5th string tuner, resonator, hardware dull, finish flaking off resonator

1455 Teisco MIJ HBEG VG $190   Whammy missing, minimal wear
1472 Dano tube amp G $155 Square spkr. cutout, light edge & corner wear, trem works, no footswitch,  red border control panel w/ 'tremolo' spelled correctly
653 Kay FHAC G $286 Clean, pickguard present, base of bridge missing, stamped N-1

1457 Dano SSEG amp in case only VG $140 Clean inside, some edge wear to case

1478 Harmony SBEG G $250 BIN Scratches, edge wear, whammy missing, missing (3) tuner ferrules, headstock has big scratch at logo , rhythm pickup microphonic but no string output
1451 Dano tube amp G $175 Some edge wear, back panel in place, handle worn , NS speaker, bought as companion to 1304 in 1961, seller is son of original owner

856 Baritone Ukulele G $73 Scratches all over, flat-top head, thick script logo
1423 Harmony SSEG w/ OC $130 BO Missing electronics & pickguard, clean, some edge wear,  (1) missing tuner ferrule, metal logo intact, Amway™ sticker on back
619 Kay FHAC VG $194  Clean, a few scratches on the neck, cosmetic repair on side , stamped N-2

1481 Dano tube amp G $175 Round spkr. cutout, covering spray painted black, overspray on grille , logoplate clean and bright, control panel clean, knob inserts bright white , back panel present

1484 Dano tube amp only $95 BIN Not working, tubes missing, rust on back panel & xformer, edge/corner wear, some knobs chippped

1448 Dano  SSEG guitar only G $228 Clean, light edge wear, strip tuners, line knob inserts discolored, 3-bolt neck, pocket serial # dates to 1963

Dano SSEG VG $415 A few surface dings, sidewalls clean, NS volume knob, earlier model; natural head and neck; brownish logo

1211 Harmony FTAC G $20 Some wear, scratch on back

1448 Dano  SSEG guitar and tube amp in case G $325 Clean guitar, case looks a bit rough, amp is OK, seller is grandson of original owner

1484 Dano tube amp w/ cabinet VG $430 Clean, minimal wear, some rust on front face plate, light edge corner wear to cabinet, grille looks good

1482 Dano tube amp $330 Square speaker cutout, trem works, light edge/corner wear, back panel in place, manual/schematic included; dated Christmas 1965 , footswitch incl.

1316 Harmony Lap Steel G $158 Clean, edge wear, tailpiece cover missing

1311/1442 Valco Lap Steel w/ OC VG $225 Light bubbling of finish on side, light rust to hardware

1319 Harmony Lap Steel VG $173 Edge wear, separated area on back, some string scratching at tuner shafts


Ecco un altro EKO chitarra! These instruments have been popping up like spring dandelions this year! Well, compared to say, 1448s or 1446 models or stuff like that, they're rare, but I'd hardly seen ANY in twenty years of collecting and then... BOMA! I know we've seen half a dozen or more in the last few months. The logo on this one is pretty messed up, and you have the typical finish checking on the back, but I'd never seen how off-center our Italian friends put the strap button.
Come raffreddare che č?

Also, don't forget to drop by our new message board for questions, answers, product IDs, or just some good Silvertone chat!

698 EKO FTAC G $27 Some scrapes/dings, logo worn, typical finish checking on back, (2) tuner shafts missing

UNK Harmony FHAC G $149 Clean, edge wear. Relisted from last month
Harmony FTAC VG $45 BIN  Minimal wear, finish glossy, light buckle rash, serial #5291S1214

Harmony HBEG Neck only $65 BIN NS tuner ferrules, some flaking, edge wear


I was getting kind of worried yesterday...
Nothing had sold by late in the afternoon, so I guess I got a little April Fool's on me. Not to worry, we had some nice items end their sales last night and this morning, and even a nice treat with this 1488 you see below!

1488 Harmony SBEG VG $660   Very clean, whammy intact, logo strong, chrome shiny, finish glossy with minimal wear, some "cord storage bumps" on back, a great example of this seldom-seen guitar

1477 Harmony SBEG VG $231 Clean, minimal wear, whammy present

1838 Oscar Schmidt Autoharp w/ OC G $53   Some wear,15-chord, tuning wrench incl.

852 Ukulele VG $74 'Hawaiian Girl' model, edge wear, stencil strong
1437 Teisco MIJ SBEG VG $181 Clean, some edge dings, whammy missing, nice grain on back , screened script logo rather than the more common plastic glue-on tag
1420 Harmony HBEG G $299 BIN  Edge wear, surface dings, buckle rash, NS selector switch, Stackpole pots back to 1961. Relisted from last month.

1457 Dano tube amp in case only G $152 Clean, no bezel around grille, NS speaker, stock tubes

1410 Kay SBEG G $148   Electronics untested, tuners rusty, wear all over, some finish fade on bottom back, tailpiece present


The March totals were pretty healthy! I tracked 274 items in March, and they sold for a total of $78,457! That's still almost $10,000 less than the March '08 numbers, but better than February of this year, which came in at almost 65 grand. Maybe things will pick up when we get our tax checks back...

Here's some highlights of what changed hands: (30) 1448 guitars/amps or one or the other and maybe a part or two (setting a one-month Silvertone World Record!), (10) 1457s, (18) 1484 amps, (9) 1482 amps, (4) 1481 amps, (6) 615 guitars, and (13) 1446 'Chris Isaak' model guitars (There's another Silvertone one-month World Record for ya... I knew I'd seen a bunch of them in March!), (4) 1454 guitars, a surprisingly low (5) 604 guitars, and (4) MIJ 1436 guitars  in the bunch. The highest dollar item was a tie between a very clean 1446 that went for $1500 and that just-under-the-March-wire 1360 that went for the same amount, and the least amount brought was $5 for a chemically melted 1446 endpin.

If you haven't visited all of March 2009, check out all the great stuff that sold last month!

Alright, April.... here we go!


It was so amazing to see these incredible finds at the end of March, I just had to post 'em here in April as well, just so you wouldn't miss 'em! Two different auctions for 13XX custom color models in 'flame red and black' and 'yellow and black' finish;  super rare and near the last of the narrower 'C' body shape.

1358 Dano SSEG w/ OC VG $917 Clean, some edge wear and surface dings, finish checking all over, dings and playing wear to neck, picking wear at treble side of bridge, finish chips under bridge at string ball end positions, logo strong, pickup is dull but no splits, NS access panel, CTS pots date to 6th week of 1956

1360 Dano SSEG VG $1500 BIN Clean, looks unplayed, seller obtained from original owner, neck pocket serial dates to 1955


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