Vintage Sears Christmas Ads from the
1950s, 1960s (and a couple of 70s!), Pt. II

More great Sears holiday ads! This one, sent to me by Silvertonian Keith, is so great (and loooong) it deserves its own page.

It's really amazing. The 'in use' illustration shows Johnny Rock entertaining his friends with a Kay-built 'paddle head' 1415; that's not among the guitars offered in the 'Price Slash' sale, but was still available at Sears in late 1966. The featured guitar is the 1477, and the amp is the 1481. In the middle, we've got the 1482, 1484 and 1465 amps, and the 1438 Teisco-built bass.  Further down the ad, we've got an amazing menagerie of Silvertone. Clockwise from top left: 'sharkfin' 1436 from Teisco (A), Dano-built 1457 (B) and 1448 (C) ampincase setups, Harmony-built 604 (G) and 1478 (F), Teisco-built 1435 (D) and the Harmony-built 625 (E).


This is the perfect time to show you this 'in store' shot from July of 1966, with much of the Silvertonium featured in the above ad on display. This is from the grand opening of the Sears in Virginia Beach, Virginia, just a half-dozen miles from my boyhood home. In other words, it was my Sears.

Left to right: 604, 615, 802 5-string banjo, 621, 619 archtop, 657 classical, 1437, 1436, 1438 bass, 1446 'Chris Isaak,' and far right, just just barely in frame, a 1454. Amps on the frontline; 1484, 1483, 1482, and trailing out of frame, a 1481. Awesome!



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