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The Dano-built,

1481 continued the basic look and price/power point of its predecessor, the 1471, but changed its look to swing with the 'stacked' 1484s, 1485s and the later solid state amps of this last unified line of Dano-built Silvertone amps. This fine little champ was available right 'til the end of Dano's association with Sears, gone from the catalogs in 1968, but you could still grab one until early 1969.

Introduced: Fall/Winter 1963

Retired: Fall/Winter 1968

1481 Schematic (PDF)

The 1481 lasted longer than the 1471, so there are more of them out there, and they're available nearly daily in eBay auctions. They're great little amps, reliable, loud enough to have some fun with in the den all by itself, and raunchy enough when you crank 'em up to mic for a nice recording amp.

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