The Harmony-built

enjoyed the same non-whammy'd specs as its sunnier sister, the 1477, and ran along side her for two years. This narrow window of availability coupled with lower sales of this model, make it a much rarer piece than the 1477. If you see a black 'Bobkat' with a whammy, it's either a 1477 refinished in black, or it's been retrofitted, as the 1476 disappeared long before the advent of the whammy assembly on this series.

Spring/Summer 1964 at $54.95

Retired: Spring/Summer 1966

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The longstanding tradition of offering the same guitar with different finishes continued on with this series of guitars. Second fiddle for a quick two-year window, and the sleek black 1476 was no more. A cool look, the same specs, but Sears must not have sold as many as the Strat-inspired goldburst 1477 models. A rare axe these days.

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