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The Dano-built,

1471 ushered in the 60s with a clean look, a simple, reliable circuit, with an 8-inch speaker and 5-watts of power ready to go easily with you from the rec room to the garage, basement or VFW gig. This was the bottom amp of this briefly available unified-look lineup, but still carried its weight, sold well and is still sought after today. Owing to its short window of availability, it is rarer than the 1481.

Introduced: Fall/Winter 1961

Retired: Spring/Summer 1963

1471 Schematic (PDF)

The 1471 was the first iteration of the Dano-built 'Champ' competitor. Not quite the low end (that spot was taken by the 1430), but not as loud or featured-packed as its pricier brothers. This 'black leatherette' covered amp only lasted two years, as its change to the 1481 brought its looks in line with the 'stacked' amps of the mid-60s.

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