Dexter Romweber

I remember the Flat Duo Jets playing at Cogan's Instant Art in Norfolk, VA back in the day... before they hit the stage I wondered where the rest of the band was. After Dex and Crow finished, however, my mind had no such questions. Wow, what a powerful group! Dex and the Flat Duo Jets recorded output over the years has been, shall we say, all over the place. Different labels, different compilations, and of course with the split of the FDJs, different band configurations. We'll try and give you some solid recommendations on where to go to maximize your Dexter/Flat Duo Jets needs.

Current Output:

Dex and Sara's new CD,  "Is That You in the Blue?" is out via Bloodshot Records. Produced by Rick Miller of Southern Culture on the Skids who also played on the album along with members of The Old Ceremony and Savage Knights.

Dex, Sara and Jack White with "The Wind Did Move" and "Last Kind Word Blues" available at Jack's Third Man Records.

Also, get the "The Ruins of Berlin" on Bloodshot Records.

Here's some video from YouTube:

"Jungle Drums" from "Blue?"

Cool video for "Death of Me" from "Blue?"

Great interview/performance video with Dex and Crash from Paul Unger and the Hardcore Norfolk team

Breaking Into the World of Spirit

Beautiful duet with violinist Jennifer Curtis on "Brazil"

Here's that MTV 'Cutting Edge' piece.  

Dex and Crash live at the joint I first saw FDJ, Cogan's

Nice video from Dex and sister Sara's album "Ruins of Berlin." Look closely, you'll see at least THREE Silvertones in this video.

Here's some solo (duo! trio!) Dex music to get:

Blues that DEFY my Soul, a great album on the Yep Roc label. A highlight for me on this album is 'Waitin' on the 309,' a rock and roll throwdown that thrashes from the first note to the last, and 'Rockin' Dead Man,' a great nominee (along with 'Monster Blues') for your next Hallowe'en mix tape.. um... CD...  heh heh...

Do the Lurd with Dex as he takes off into the stratosphere with
Chased By Martians, unfortunately released on 9/11/2001. Don't let that stop you though, this ain't NO bad luck, some tasty covers, and Dex sounding as strong as ever. Here's a listener review from Amazon: "...takes you on a wild ride, spanning multiple genres but culminating them into the same powerful sound we heard from long gone greats like Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent...completely blew my wig!"

Of course, here's some Flat Duo Jets for ya:

Introducing Flat Duo Jets

Go Go Harlem Baby

Lucky Eye

and keep your eye out in the thrift shop or back row of the music store for
Safari, or borrow it from a friend (but you better give it back or they'll come after you).

and more... pick up anything with Flat Duo Jets on the cover... you will rock.