The 1425 followed on the heels of the similar-looking and featured  blonde/mahogany 1375/76 duo from our friends at Kay. Nicely spec'd, attractively finished and that $100 price point (or just $10 down, $9 monthly) put it on a lot of wish lists.

All the Kay trademarks are there: the speed bump pickups, the funky (but not too funky) pickguard, the high-peaked headstock, and those 'cupcake' knobs all say it's Kay time!

Fall/Winter 1959

Spring/Summer 1961

Musings on the nickname 'Aristocrat'

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Kay f-holes (electric and acoustic) had been a staple in the Sears catalog since at least the early '50s, and the attractive 1425 was a fitting end to that run. After '61, Kay would still supply Sears with solid and semi-solid electric guitars, but the f-holes were no more; taken over by Harmony, and much later, Japan.
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