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The Dano-built,

grey-covered 1482
was the successor to the short-lived black with white piping 1472. Continuing the 'combo' look set by its sibling, the 1482 carried on for a good five years, becoming the 'go to' amp for many players during this time. It was set solidly in the middle price- and feature-wise, was easy to carry around from garage to gig, and gave you a tad more power than version 1.0.
A popular amp, yesterday and today.

Introduced: Fall/Winter 1963

Retired: Spring/Summer 1968

1482 Schematic (PDF)

The 1482 carried on the unique look and catalog position of its sibling the 1472 with a little bit lighter covering, a 'standard' handle, a bit more power, and the same Dano-designed tremolo circuit. This was the 'better' amp that rode the Dano era to the end in mid-1968.

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