1484  Dano tube amp only MOD $711  Clean, minimal wear, completely rebuilt. The seller had a pretty detailed story to go with this auction, and here it is: "Since the 7 years that I've been refurbishing these great amps, I've always wanted to tear one down completely and improve upon it and rebuild it with nothing but superior components; 1%, 2%, and 5% resistors, caps etc. This is THE one!!! I tore the pots apart: not just sprayed them, but rebuilt them. I cleaned them thoroughly and regreased them. Then measured them for accuracy. If they weren't 1 meg, I replaced them with ones that were; if not 100K, then they were replaced. I put orange drops where there were ceramic discs. I rebuilt the reverb unit. Removed the transformers, faceplate, tag boards, etc. I literally rebuilt this 'killer' amp from the bare chassis, faceplate and other assemblies. Hours of detailed, painstaking work went into this. I could be paid for my parts in this amp, but not my time and labor. But I loved every moment and I was rewarded with an amp that will kill most every thing I've ever owned and played through. This turned out so much better than I could ever have hoped for.! NO Hum! Absolutely "dead" quiet pots! Awesome tremolo and nice, rich reverb!! It loves pedals. You can add a gain stage by patching into channel 1 and plugging into channel 2. It's hand wired, point to point and worth a couple thousand dollars for the labor, quality and sound alone. It's a true boutique quality amp. It's one of the loudest 50 watt amps I've ever heard. The sustain is without decay! And it increases in attenuation. It has clarity on the bottom end and yet a bottom that will rattle your teeth! The mids and high end are sparkling and full of resonance and tone that is simply incredible. I've played guitar for 46 years and before I could play more than a handful of licks, I was looking for TONE. I traded in and sold more amps that most people ever owned because their tone just plain stunk! When I played in bands, other musicians and people always complimented me on my tone. I remember hearing that the late, great, Les Paul once said "Sure you play good, but can your mother tell it is you on the radio?' Too many potentially great young guitarists plug into the same amp as everyone else and then expect to be noticed. Look for your own technique, licks and TONE. That's what will set you apart!! This amp is so touch sensitive, I swear, one moment it's nice, sweet and singing; and the next, snarling, raw and loud!!! Just from your attack! You will freak if you've owned one of these before and be floored if this is your 1st. It's a snarling, gritty, powerhouse monster or a sweet chimey, articulate gem. It is a brand new 50 year old amp, with a growl and snot it never had before! You will certainly not be disappointed. There is 'love' in this amp, as anyone who does this can attest to. Sure, I would like for it to pay off in money someday, but I can assure you that the pure satisfaction of building something that helps you find your sound is worth a whole lot more than my words can say. It's about more than the money. WE are all musicians and whatever, and people first. It's all about the people! Thanks to all of you. ROCK ON !!!!"

Sold on 4/5/11