The Harmony-built 'Silhouette'-based
had as long a run as the 1477, initially appearing in the same 1964 catalog listing as the 'Bobkat'-based guitar. With its Jazzmaster good looks, all-around bound fingerboard, fancy block fret marker inlays, snazzy gold silkscreen logo to match the gold translucent knobs, and the first of this series out of the gate with a vibrato tailpiece made the 1478 the 'better' guitar of the bunch. At the end of the run, the model split into some color and hardware variations.

Spring/Summer 1964 at $54.95

Retired: Spring/Summer 1968 at $62.95 as the 14782 (blue) and the 14781 (redfoil)

External link to 1478 Classic Reissue from Samick / Silvertone

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This cherry red axe started its run with a unique whammy assembly, never offered on any other Silvertone. Some players rate this 'spring and hinge' whammy as better than the vibrato assembly that the 1478 was spec'd with in later on, when it joined the rest of the 14XX series with the 'standard' whammy setup.

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