These guitars were the classic electric 'Aristocrat' look: big, wide body, fanciful pickguard, regal crest decoration, and versatile electronics. The 1365 is the one we see the most of, and along with its successors, the 1371/72 models, account for probably 70% of today's electric 'Aristocrat' market.

I've split the photos into three separate galleries.

Spring/Summer 1955

Fall/Winter 1956

Musings on the nickname 'Aristocrat'

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The 136X series of the Kay-built 'Aristocrats' accounts for much of what we see on the collector's market today, and the 'burst-finish 1365 is the most popular of the trio. The blond 1367 is seldom seen, and the gold 1368 is one of the rarest Silvertones of any stripe.
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