The 1302/1303 guitars were black beauties with all the Dano 'trademarks' we associate with these 'U' shaped guitars; 'lipstick' pickup, 'Coke bottle' headstock, the classic cutaway look of the body, and features you couldn't see like the dual neck truss rods, internal shielding for the electronics, and (as the catalog put it) 'core of hardwood balanced by hollow wing sections.' It all added up to a popular look, and a line of guitars that lasted until the arrival of the ampincase 1448/49/57 line in 1962.

Spring/Summer 1958

Spring/Summer 1959

External link to 1303 Classic Reissue from Samick / Silvertone

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The 1302/1303 guitars
were part of the amazing line of Dano-built electrics sporting the new, wider 'U' body shape. Two extra inches in width on the lower section of the body steered these models away from the 'peanut' look of their predecessors.

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